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8/10 c2 4lovespnsam
this is amazing!
3/27 c11 Samantha
I know this was written 14 years ago, and you probably will never see this but I couldn’t not leave chocolate! This story is so freaking good!
3/21 c29 6Cerruleannight
What a rocky road for the boys! Loved the happy ending and props for creating such a detailed saga!
2/19 c19 Guest
istg this just keeps getting better and better
2/19 c16 Guest
2/19 c11 Guest
absolutely loved this
2/18 c4 Guest
well your mission to make us all cry worked-
6/15/2021 c11 Atlasina7
Really enjoying this story. It is intense! You sure know how to put these boys through some bad times which, of course, are good times for us readers..
6/9/2021 c29 11xXKillorbeKilledXx
Fantastic story!
5/14/2021 c22 Manal
It's very good one really .. u should write more
3/2/2021 c3 Guest
Sam’s death logically would have prevented every bad thing from happening.
1/30/2021 c11 22BruisedBloodyBroken
git lollipops and candy-canes over here :)
1/30/2021 c1 BruisedBloodyBroken
nice :)
3/22/2020 c10 Guest
Is my third time reading this story and every time I read it I am more and more impressed you are genuinely gifted and you've captured our boys and their truest keep up the good work!
4/24/2019 c1 36MarbleWolf
I read this story once before but I don't think I left a review. I love how AWESOME the action is. the Angst is heartwrenching and wonderful
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