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6/17/2018 c7 Tumbler-Tidbits
Yay Sammy’s back! And what a little shit for playing Dean like that! My hope is that Ellen and Jo survived and got out before the explosion at the roadhouse! I personally think they are alive. BTW excellent job of keeping the canon events of the show while still creating a whole new story!
6/17/2018 c6 Tumbler-Tidbits
Ok I don’t hate you anymore since Sam is recovering! I almost stopped reading because I can’t handle deaths but your A/N that promised no death fic kept me going so THANK YOU!
6/17/2018 c5 Tumbler-Tidbits
NO NO NO NO NO! This is Supernatural! Sammy can’t die!
6/17/2018 c4 Tumbler-Tidbits
OMG I hate you! Lol I am crying and could barely finish reading the chapter! Excellent writing talent you have!
6/17/2018 c3 Tumbler-Tidbits
I’m starting to think i wont be able to continue reading this! It is heartbreaking and I feel as helpless as Dean! Ellen and Jo should do something, Anything!
6/17/2018 c2 Tumbler-Tidbits
Omg my stomach is still sick! I hope the boys and Ellen and Jo make it out alive!
6/16/2018 c1 Tumbler-Tidbits
Holy crap this is good! My stomach is nervously churning, it’s like watching an actual episode of Supernatural!
6/3/2018 c7 4Maalbor
This is my favourite fanfic of Supernatural, I suffered along with Dean every second of the roadhouse, and felt every inch of Sam's pain during his recovery. The detail in the narration is amazing, the pacing of the story, the emotions, the characters' portray, just incredible. Awesome Work.
11/22/2017 c29 kandilyn
Read it straight thru. Great story. You did some serious damage. Loved that you included Bobby thru the whole thing. Thank you.
10/25/2017 c7 nephilimfreak
10/25/2017 c6 nephilimfreak
Omg poor sam. And poor DEAN. Jesus this hurts even me. I hope sammy wakes up soon
10/25/2017 c4 nephilimfreak
THIs is so exciting i cant stop readinggg
10/25/2017 c1 nephilimfreak
This story looks very promising and im excited to read it hehehe
10/24/2017 c1 5Heartless BytchhakaHelenBach1
I just recently found this on someone's favorite list and read it. I was blown away by how good this story is. I think your Dean voice is spot on. And I liked how you portrayed Bobby and Sam. I enjoyed the banter of all the characters. I especially liked how you portrayed Dean leaving his comfort zone of snark and defenses to be there for Sam. And the action... OMG. The action was great. Brutal but breathtaking. Totally KIITA awesome! I want to share some Godiva Chocolate Martini's with you. Only the best for the Best. Thank you so much for this awesome story.
3/5/2017 c29 5quietbrooke
I was scrolling through my list of Favorited stories and yours stuck out. This was my first long fic and I actually recently reread it because I remembered how good it was. You did an amazing job of balancing violence and death with the brotherly bond shared between Sam and Dean. I definitely count this in my top ten favorite stories!
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