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6/14/2007 c7 Ponder-huskies
I am so confused. Can u please write to me explaining the story please. THX! :)
6/10/2007 c7 5Churchill Vampiress
Oh, please, at least write a one-shot after this! Maybe it's years gone by, and they've moved on to somewhere else? Or if you make it a full story, then maybe Jacob and the wolves find them? Hmm...maybe they've returned to Forks and there are knew wolves? Just ideas! :P

Great story, very emotional.
3/28/2007 c6 1x.eternalBLISS
hehehe. i lyk this story. please update soon
3/13/2007 c6 4just a little wicked
No! That was not ooc at all!

I loved it. Yay fluff. :D

Update soon, please.
3/12/2007 c6 3midnightmoons
it's okay! i love it so far! i want edward and bella fluff though! plz updat fast!
3/12/2007 c1 Love and Peace Angel
ooh...you are possitively evil..*sobs* how dare you? oh.it was soo good! two thumbs up-all the way!
3/12/2007 c6 teenlee
hahahah yep a little ooc from everyone but its fine :) funny
3/11/2007 c5 Jag
wow aly! just... wow!
3/10/2007 c5 1NotMixedEqually
great chapter, update soon!
3/9/2007 c5 Elleyena Rose
Hey, This is great. I'll try to check out your other stories. Fluff please!

~Elleyena Rose~
3/9/2007 c5 5Padfootrules3
that was an awesome chapter
3/9/2007 c5 4just a little wicked
Wow. This chapter was simply AMAZING. It was written beautifully, and everything was perfectly in character. I'm so proud of Bella for sticking up for everyone, and stopping the fight.

Amazing job, as usual.

3/8/2007 c5 1MissKitty680
You had me scared there at the end of last chapter. Edward not loving Bella is inconceivable! I loved the way it turned out. :) Two thumbs up!

PS I love fluff ;)
3/8/2007 c5 1shobbs
Fluff, yes!

I love the story.
3/8/2007 c5 teenlee
aww update soon! jacob finally understands! =)
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