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11/20/2011 c2 3KatyOnACloud
please please please re-read and pick up this story! even if there were only two chapters they were lovely long ones and they completely hooked me! maybe after 4 years you'll have some new inspiration? :D? (-hopeful smile)

John in so pitiable with his faux macho act, and i love him for it. Bobby is brilliantly written with the right mix of mistrust and instant forgiveness, and the other short characters fit well.

please continue!
5/31/2009 c2 21BurningSky
I laughed so much when you said Marie was too emotional and that Bobby hand;t started throwing spoons :)
2/1/2007 c2 4blazingfire03
i really love this story. I hated how they ended X3 with not telling us what happen to John. love the bobby/john thing you got going on and hope rogue gets what she desereves for hitting poor john with that clock.

please please please update this sotry cause it is really good
1/15/2007 c2 39Anei Aikouka
I like the way that you're keeping them closely in character, not making John suddenly have a change of heart or anything like that, but still out for his own interests, even if he has missed the Institute. I'm not sure about Rogue's reaction - I've never been able to understand her, to tell the truth - but the way Bobby's conflicted, and believing that he shouldn't welcome back his old friend even though he really wants to is absolutely typical of the whole X-man mentality. Of course, since he's come back, the X-men will have to accept him - if they can't drive him away with their attitude, that is. Great story.

- Anei
1/15/2007 c2 fallen angel
great story!

update asap plz!
1/12/2007 c2 5Kailany-Aurora
I personally just loved it! It's amazing you have to continue it!
1/11/2007 c2 1Silver Salamander
Nice to see rogue flying off the handle again. Don't make her too much of a brainless ball of hormones though, she's a good character. (well, she was in the first film...)

I'm not the only one to wonder, is this going to end up slash eventually?

Also, if you want to take me up on the BETA-ing thing, it's usually done to send the chapter in .doc format to the BETAs email address, where changes are made and the file is sent back, usually with some notes as to what changed. My email's on my profile page if you're interested anyway :)

Also, I'd ignore the comments telling you to keep 'bloody' out of the fic, but that's just me ;]
1/10/2007 c2 hmmm moi
tis this a bobby/pyro fic?
1/10/2007 c2 8Ebon Hush
Hey. Another really cool chapter. I was wondering though- why do you keep using the word 'bloody'? You do realise that it's typically British and an American wouldn't normally use it? (I know Pyro is Australian in the comics, but he's pretty Americanised in the film). Anywhoo I'm just wondering. Please keep writing, I'm putting on my favs list, by the way.
1/8/2007 c2 6Jackline
"The idea almost, topped the thought of being thrown from the observatory only to be impaled on Wolverine's blood-thirsty claws. Oh joy!"

Loved this phrase.

Hope luck is still on my side and this will be a non-slash story. :-))

Isn't Pyro asking to much from them all by wanting them to forgive and forget so fast? It's not easy as that! I like how you show Bobby trying not to show his concern and still caring for John. :-)
1/6/2007 c1 15kidscanfly
upDATE! Or i'll thrown flamng cookies at you!

JK :-)
1/6/2007 c1 8Ebon Hush

I think you should definitely continue with this. I can tell ypu don't have a beta, but all together it's not so bad. You're right: there aren't enough bobby)john stories out there... besides you capture Logan's tone very well. Keep going please.
1/6/2007 c1 6Jackline
Please, continue this.

I am not into slash really especially cause there is so much Pyro/Iceman slash fics. I'd be really happy to read just a story with only friendship in it... Forgive me if I am wrong in guessing to what "possible slash" pair you were reffering in the WARNING. :-)

Still I will read it even if there is slash in the story. But please continue. I am putting it on the alerts list.
1/4/2007 c1 Dominus513
I didn't just like it. I LOVED it.
1/4/2007 c1 1Silver Salamander
Just saw X-men 3 the other day, and by the end of it, you know what I thought?

Damn, I hope Deathrealm's going to start writing X-men fics again.

So here we are, needless to say a grin was brought to my face.

Back at the school eh, I look forward to the next chapters, which by the way, are coming soon. Aren't they. * nods enthusiastically* And hey, if you want a BETA, I can certainly do that, I have experience with that. I know what you mean about checking your work after uploading too, though that's because it's always so boring to have to read through your own work, so you don't tend to check properly. Well, look forward to hearing from you/seeing a new chapter ;]
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