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12/13/2011 c9 ChaoticSymphonyofDarkness
Oz where to begin. Ok, lets start out with this and than we can go forward. This is a wonderfully thought out, "original" and very creative story. This story really caught my attention, and kept me wanting to read more. I sincerely hope you continue this story, and I'm truly sorry to hear of your illness. I hope you get better soon. Good luck, and great story, I look forward to your next update. :)
9/7/2009 c9 lizziemagic
When are you gonna update?
3/11/2008 c9 7elphaba-thropp
I LOVE the song you used for this chapter. How can you go wrong with Bonnie Raitt? That's right, you can't. I hope you update this soon! Your health comes first, of course. Please keep that wonderful brain of yours going so I can read more of your fabulous work.
3/11/2008 c8 elphaba-thropp
O! I like it! I think Elphaba should leave Liir with Nessa so she won't feel so lonely. He will probably be safer as well.
3/11/2008 c7 elphaba-thropp
Very nicely done! I can't seem to stop reading! Too much trauma in a short amount of time. Poor Elphie!
3/11/2008 c6 elphaba-thropp
Argh! This turn of events is so frustrating though it does tie everything up nicely.
3/11/2008 c5 elphaba-thropp
I thought this chapter was extremely well-written. It was very creative and imaginative. You are a very expressive writer. You really get down to the bare emotions. Great job!
3/11/2008 c4 elphaba-thropp
Whew! That was intense. Fiyero is really a bastard in this fic. I'm kind of not liking him at the moment. Morrible I always despise. I like how you incorporated a quote from the Wizard of Oz for her to speak. Heh heh. Who's the real witch, eh?
3/11/2008 c3 elphaba-thropp
I love all of the angst flying around! lol Nessa needs a good, hard slap and Boq needs to learn how to keep his mouth shut. I wonder if anyone will actually believe that he is the father.
3/11/2008 c2 elphaba-thropp
Sometimes a slow chapter is necessary to get the rest of the story off to a great start. I liked it because it showed how much Elphaba's friends care for her.
3/11/2008 c1 elphaba-thropp
All I have to say is...what? lol Well, maybe a little more than that. I have a theory as to who the father is. I must admit I'm intrigued by your little fic. I can't wait to continue reading!
11/17/2007 c9 1Jemma-Jo
Fiyeraba! Fiyeraba! Please! I think this story is really beautiful and it is really one of the best Wicked stories out there. I'm so sorry to hear about your illnes, I hope you get better soon, if you haven't already.
10/27/2007 c9 Guest
'Beautiful, blonde Galinda stood crouched just over Nessarose, whose chair had been decorated in red and green bows, in a long flowing scarlet dress, while he himself, trying desperately to be seen, stuck his head out from between Crope and Tibbetts shoulders. Avaric stood to the right of the group in a long deep purple suite, arms draped around Pafanee and Shen-Shen, ecstatically. To the left, at the furthest end from everyone, Elphaba stood staunchly in a lavender dress, trying her best not to laugh as Fiyero, who had taken it upon himself to stand next to her, made faces at the camera. The Prince and the green girl had never noticed the mistletoe that had hung over their heads.'

-This was actually one of my favorite parts in the chapter. I could just see how happy everyone was in that picture. In fact, I can imagine what everyone was doing just before it was taken. It really established the friendship that existed between (mostly) all of them. The little bit about Elphaba and Fiyero not noticing the mistletoe was a nice addition.

'He could still, even after all these years, hear Glinda’s giddy laugh as she bounded down the hallway to meet everyone, dragging Elphaba behind her, insisting that the green girl look absolutely gorgeous in the long frilly dress she had bought her.'

-Hee hee...Elphaba and the words, "wearing" and "frilly" in the same sentence is priceless. O.o

'“You’re still the same green, bundle of energy, I asked at five years old to marry me, as we sat on the picnic blanket in my back yard.”

Smirking, Elphaba poked him in the stomach playfully. “And you, Boqie boy, are still the same, short, boy I promised to marry as a innocent little girl. How dare you go around corrupting the minds of innocent little children!”'

-Ooh! Story time. I love the idea of Elphaba and Boq as friends when they were children. Too bad that little subplot wouldn't have worked in the musical. *thinks about it* I can't decide if it would be really complicated, or if it would be even more unfortunate. Hmm...

'Grabbing her older sister around the shoulders, Nessarose buried her face in the thick black material of the green woman’s dress. “I’ll take care of him, I promise.”'

-Elphaba better come back for Liir!

I think you should keep it Fiyeraba, but I also think you should keep the Elphie and Boq friendship in the story. I think that little arc is working so far.
10/22/2007 c9 8NewYorks
OOh, I'm enjoying this! It is awesome!

I do like Fiyeraba better than Bessa or Elphoc though... But, friendship Elhpie/boq is awseome. Ah, Boq can be such a "babbling idiot", as you put it. Haha, his characterization is really great. As is Nessa's. As for Elphie-I like what she's going through, but the whole leaving Liir with Nessa... just seems a bit strange to me. It would make sense if she planned on coming back for him in a short time, but not leaving him forever with Nessa... Well, that's my opinion. Just a little constructive critizism :)

And Fiyero! What will happen between him and Elphie? Will they ever meet again? Ooh, suspense suspense. But, overall, I can say I really enjoy this story. I love the dialogue :)

So yeah. Me likes this. I hope you update soon!

Happy writing.

PS: I hope you get better; and you hang in there! We all support you darling! If you ever need to talk, don't doubt to PM me. I know how helpful it can be. :)
10/19/2007 c9 23WhisperedMuse
*Squeak* An Update! *is very excited*

I love your characterisation, so real and amazingly detailed. I went back and read the whole thing again and in answer to your question about pairings, I'm still praying for a Gloq/ Fiyeraba story, but whatever you want- it's your fic after all ;)

I just wanna say that we're all behind you whatever happens because we all love you! *glomps*

In all seriousness, I've been off school for around 6 weeks with a virus, but that's gone and I'm back; the weeks I was off were horrible so I really can't imagine what it's like for you. Just PM me if you ever want to chat- it helped me loads. :)

I'll just add that an update on Ozonic would make you much loved amongst readers... Scratch that, not readers- ME! :D

Kate x
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