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for Peggy Becomes Almost Famous

1/16/2013 c2 1AkaneDied
Wow, they were all in character. This was better than the final seasons of the show. Good job.
4/3/2012 c2 1Sailor Pluto
Ewww i dont think anyone wants to see her tittybags
10/26/2011 c1 Sailor Pluto
Peggy is not only annoying but it seems shes stupid. Ewww saggy tits. Eww *shudders*
5/17/2009 c2 I watch King of the hill
O.k,im not tring t o be mean,but this should have been longer!

Also,I think you could have done alot better,cause this wasn't that good,but i will not say it was bad.

You,just need to work alittle harder on your storys.

Im not tring to be mean,but I did like how you made no one was OOC.Very good that.
3/1/2009 c1 A-Rayy
haha. I love this story. :3 its just like, so effing great. I love KOTH. and peggy would so do that. ha. [: good job.

its xoA-Rayxo, btw. just too lazy to log in. lawlz.

great job. ^.^ and tell that person a few reviews under meh to go back to grammer class. good lord, learn to spell.
2/17/2009 c2 Zab59
You captured Hank's voice quite well! Good job!
5/16/2008 c2 2Loving-Chakra
I saw that one coming(the peggy pulls shirt up thing that is)

good goin!^_^
8/4/2007 c1 2blackrose612
I liked your story! It made me laugh
7/9/2007 c2 KOTH fan
Lol, Five Stars for "Your wife flashed Stillwater," I love Dooley, nice
3/11/2007 c1 i hate goths
you know the king of the hill has been a bit good and terrible show like come on i hate hank hill like you is a unormel person like come on do you even look at him i just hate him and he loves that ficking crappy propain its like propain is his life and obsashon and he dosent even love his wafe and son its like you he dosent want that son and peggy is a son of a bitch fool and bobby is ya know a nive little retard and guss what i think hank is a zoosexilaty becase he has a huge fucking scary love for his lazy retarded dog thing or this soo called lady bird baa why did mike judge made and crated this sucky show i say bevis and butt-hand is awsome he sould make a show like that after theat gay knig of a hill ends and gets cancelled but i hope he makes a 3 animated show hopefully burn to king of the hill fuck of
3/10/2007 c2 13Codyfancypants
Hehe, Dooley.

"This fanfiction was cool..."
3/6/2007 c2 3StrangerInMoscow
Sweet I love Almost Famous, and I love it when Peggy makes a fool of herself, Great Story.
1/9/2007 c2 HankHill1980
That Peggy is something else, isn't she? That was a funny story. I was feeling under the weather, but that story sure made me feel better.
1/8/2007 c2 64Jemascola

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