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6/24/2010 c1 3Rioki Moondove
Well done! I really liked this Cain POV! Just... wow!

And here is George... ^.^ number 13?
2/1/2010 c1 1smcandy
Not too for Cain POV story I’m more or less an A/E fan but I would lei to for a possibly even thought it should or could be one-sides some Cain/Esther or C/E/A love triangle. I hope you’ll make more Tb fics and even a Abel/Esther one ASAP but time not being one-sided of course.
9/18/2007 c1 13crusnik O2
With crusniks on top? never thought of that one! =D

This was VERY good story! (sorry for bad grammar! Im sick right now, and I dont feel like typing to much...sorry!)

Me love this story!

HEHE, I havent seen the end of TB, stupied power went out, and now I have to wait for it to get back to the end again! AKK! so frustraiting...I sort of know what happens from what I did see, but not to much, still I really like your idea for this oneshot, it was some of the best detailed work ive seen! thanks for posting this wonderful oneshot! hehe!


3/27/2007 c1 FallingStars17
Wow.And THAT is why I like Cain. Evil.So evil.

Pwese write more stories? pwetty pwese? *puppy eyes*
3/14/2007 c1 13Falcon's Jade
I like how you've portrayed Cain, it almost makes him seem sane when he's insane. No yaoi? A pity...but it's a good fic nevertheless
3/5/2007 c1 ThunderRiver411
Nice story. If you want to read mine you can. Its a Trinity Blood/Fruits Basket crossover.
2/12/2007 c1 81Umeko
Even as a stand alone, this is a powerful piece. And you kept the suggested love-hate (non-yaoi) relationship between the pair in character. Somehow, I get the feeling the Cain does not really want Abel dead per se. Even when he 'kills' Abel in the Ghetto, he is well aware that Abel could and would revive in his Crusnik form.
1/11/2007 c1 1Kikinzoku
About your end-note.. I dearly would love it if this was a multi-chapter fic, if you finish your outhers! :D

Also, Abel x Ester is awesome in the same way a milkshake in summer is. ^^ Please, by all means, write some.
1/8/2007 c1 7Arallion
Hooray! You wrote a Trinity Blood piece!

*resists urge to glomp, because that's undignified... oh, heck, who cares.* *GLOMP!* :D

This is great! I, too, am not really very familiar with Cain and his mindset, although there are a ton of people on the community site who are and simply adore him. (That makes me confused, somehow, but I've gotten past it. Heh.)

I only see a couple of little typos:

"Gentle lavendar sunlight" - should be "lavender", right?

In the 13th paragraph, "It" after the semi-colon should probably not be capitalized. (I could be wrong about that one, though.)

In the 18th paragraph, "...rubbing the wetness until is disperses..." - "is" should be "it"?

In the 4th paragraph up from the end, just a thought - the sentence might read better if the name "Abel" was placed in the first sentence rather than the second... It's not like there's much confusion, since there's only the two of them - but you might consider that.

I love this image: "I gently lift a piece of long ash-colored hair from his eyes and wipe spatters of blood from his white, sweaty face." It's such a tender action, so weirdly brotherly, and really nice description. And then to go to this: "I smile softly as he bleeds and gasps for breath." *shudder* How cold can you get? Wow.

Yeah, Cain's whole motivation is so... gah! Creepy! I am not sure if it's the Crusnik talking when he says "together" in the anime or if it's actually Cain himself wanting to be one with his "twin" - I hope we find out more when the novels are translated, don't you? :)

The first-person perspective and present-tense is masterfully done; so rare to find that kind of story where it doesn't flip unmercifully from tense to tense and give you whiplash! Bravo!

I hope to see more from you soon. Would love to see an AbelxEsther fic from you - I'm sure it would be excellent. Take care! :D
1/7/2007 c1 5h0lyph0en1x
Guess you got the courage to start one of your trinity blood series huh?

Well I think it is starting out pretty well and you got Cain's character right. Or at least as right as I can tell since I've seen so little of him in the series.

Anyways, overall, its a good start and I hope to get my story up and running soon.

1/6/2007 c1 Your Sissy - 2 Lazy 2 Log In
Hehe ... Cain is too much like Knives. You write him well, though ... must be from expierence with Knives. Hmm ... but yeah, this was really good. :D

And I think Abel/Ester is cute. Hope you get around to writing that soon.

1/6/2007 c1 8Dienekes
I'm not that familiar with first person, so I can't help you much with corrections there. However, as usual, you continue to impress with the great writing. Update? Someday? Perhaps?

I'll be waiting for it.
1/6/2007 c1 18Nenshite
Wonderful story. I love reading stories that include Cain's thoughts on Abel (non-yaoi that is)and the world around him. Good job! =(^.^)=

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