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5/21 c3 Scarease
Set right thing to over heat ,remove peace ,and have uncorking gain space ball .That get Tarkin trouble Emperor for one and provent her world from getting blown up .
5/21 c2 Scarease
Use force murder everyone on station set it to blow up that would Rui up the Emperors plans massively great way give him the finger .
5/12 c90 1i-defy-fate
I'm not ashamed to admit that I cried like a bitch at the end. easily one of my top five fanfiction stories yet
5/12 c90 12M2P
What a well thought and wonderful story. It's been a while since I read a good Star Wars fic.
1/20 c10 Scarease
Community serves and some Gaurd well helping rebels fight empire .
1/20 c9 Scarease
Well knowledge Vader has about empire resources ,weak points ,tactics ,bases ,agents and such he be very useful ally to have .Not including his other powers and skills .Hell get new and improved suit would make even better and less moody .
1/20 c8 Scarease
Law flaw is small vent hole that extremely hard to hit ,Luke used the force plus his natural talent as polit and shooter .What surprises me that ent lead directly to core not best plan for ventilation for station when had multiple small vent that branch off different part station so that did not have single shot kill spot .
11/23/2020 c90 6Sorceress of Stories
This was so awesome! I love the bond between Anakin and Leia and how it was the start of everything. Their bonding gives me the feels! I always love your stories and this is one of my favorites.
9/13/2020 c90 61Stormshadow13
Awesome story. Loved the way that you wrote all the characters.
8/30/2020 c7 Guest
There is quite a bit wrong with the story it’s all in your execution. For starters small tip don’t lie ball numbers alderan has billions of people. Also you honestly don’t know how to write hon properly, you’ve made him nothing but brash and stupid in the very little dialogue we got. Everyone in the galaxy is more then we’ll aware of Vader’s power hon regardless of the situation would t walk up to him and demand he leave the ship cause he’d be completely terrified.
8/30/2020 c1 Guest
Tow problems I actually have, Vader hated the Death Star he saw it as pointless and to much of a show of force and believed in a strong military force all around rather then putting everything into one super weapon. Also Vader was the only high ranking official who spoke about trying to destroy the rebels until the Death Star was destroyed most of them saw the rebels and some gang that could easily be destroyed he’ll that’s what sidious thought.
9/1/2020 c90 3WildlyLaughing
This was an amazing story. I much prefer it than how the movies went, especially considering the disastrous third trilogy. *Shudders*
8/21/2020 c90 Dr1zzy
Great story
7/9/2020 c90 1Hinate
AP love love
Literally one of the best Star Wars fanfic handsdown I don't like to read anything after prequel this was the first actually and loved it to no end...
6/30/2020 c6 Lmppsc
hehe I like this turn of events!
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