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7/1 c9 hannahkaiten30
amazing crackfic. sad to not see hidan die tho
5/12 c9 1madaquarius
So happy to have stumbled upon this story, seriously.
7/10/2023 c9 sun1995
good story. enjoyed reading it
3/19/2023 c1 Candice Carter6
I enjoyed the story.
1/20/2023 c9 Guest
Beautiful writing style, one of the best portrayals of contradiction and obsession that I’ve read.
It’s a talent to have fleshed out Hidan’s character through Temari’s perspective so well, expressions and reactions gave subtle layers.

I loved Kakuzu’s scenes that belayed chemistry and explored their dynamic through simple conversation, but found both Gaara and Kankuro to be one-dimensional and able to skip as the dialogue predictably served the purpose of ‘concerned sibling’ most times. Good reads & sequel would go crazy!
1/16/2023 c9 Aetherium21
Insane end, thanks for writing
1/16/2023 c6 Aetherium21
What a bizarre story, and I don’t mean that offensively. It just makes ya feel strange when you really dive into it, lotta heavy emotions from Temari
5/6/2022 c9 beanzhead
Damn, was hoping we would get a reenactment of hidan's dream this chapter. Even more sad this work of art is over. I FULLY agree with another reviewer, if you ever come back I would willing pay for more content. Your writing is so effortlessly entertaining and easy to read which is so rare to find. Genuinely thank you for making this
5/4/2022 c2 beanzhead
The baby come back line had me laughing hard. then tension between temari and hidan is EVERYTHING
12/12/2021 c9 marceli
hey, dear firefly! i'm rereading your work as ive said on my last review and how in the hell i'm allowed to read such amazing stories for free? i've been reading your stuff since i was a teenager, back in 2011 lol if you are still alive and well, i suggest you to create a patreon account or something bc lemme tell you something: you still got a lot ot fans and many of them are very willing to pay for your amazing work. you are such a talented writer, i cant stress that enough. anyway, i'll be thinking of you and waiting for your return! be well!
11/4/2021 c9 mayar
wonderful… just wonderful…
10/15/2020 c9 W
Fuck this is good
9/15/2020 c9 sumikkochan
I have an unhealthy obsession with death and psychological fuckery, and thoroughly enjoyed this fanfic!
2/28/2020 c9 Marceli
Wow. Re-reading after YEARS is crazy. Wow. What an experience. You certaintly had (have) a beautifil gift.
I remember the first time I tried to read this fanfic. I was a kid lol and could barely understand english (not my mother tongue). Had to use Google translate to read it. Lol To show how bad I wanted to read this history. And now... I can understand every line you wrote and love even more. I guess because of your writing Hidan became my favorite male character from Naruto (Temari was always my favorite lol). Anyway, hope you're ok, Firefly. I just wanted tou to know that tou writing really left an impression on me even to these days.
12/10/2019 c2 Lucy
Good god two chapters in AND IM IN LOVE the writing is perfection the conversations amazing I just can't stop gushing over them wwwwwaaaat
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