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3/21/2008 c4 Lientjuhh
Horrible, demons are horrible...Well Done... Great chapter...
3/21/2008 c3 Lientjuhh
Well Done... Great chapter...
3/21/2008 c2 Lientjuhh
Riley had a very bad past... Well Done... Great chapter...
3/21/2008 c1 Lientjuhh
Riley sounds like a really nice girl... Well Done... Great chapter...
6/28/2007 c1 5Songorita
Awsome story. Loved it, keep up the good work.
5/24/2007 c25 Songorita
Great Story! Please make more like thses.
4/15/2007 c25 7kk1189
Great fic. Loved it! This is so goin on my favourite list! you can put me on that dork list too...
4/11/2007 c25 angeleyenc
aww! this was a good story! can't wait for the sequal!
1/30/2007 c25 9WellxWisher
Very sweet ending! I really enjoyed reading this:-)
1/29/2007 c25 9Witty-Kate
aww five chapters in one go lol

aww i loved this is was absolutly brill!
1/28/2007 c25 cd
i love this story. cant wait until the sequel!
1/28/2007 c25 5AMarieKelley
Oh my god! Leo's so sweet! I cannot wait for the next chapter!
1/28/2007 c25 5Chylea3784
Excellently done!
1/27/2007 c25 4bstant
Very good.
1/27/2007 c25 14AllisonSwan
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