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1/5/2015 c11 85Brainyxbat
In this chapter, this part makes me want to laugh hard!:

""Max, I mean it. Get up now! Don't make me bring your father in here." Ann scolded her son as she stood over him. She was just about to slap him. This wasn't like him at all, and it worried her as much as it annoyed her."

I would've said to her, "Try tickling him." XD
12/30/2014 c4 Brainyxbat
For some reason, this part here just cracks me up:

"Max seemed to really enjoy the work in the tunnels, and would even join in on some of the work, and sadly, the singing. Max may have a gift for tunneling, but he was far from a good singer. Having to hear his brother try and sing was one of the main reasons Leo had opted lately to stay and be watched-over with his friends."

Personally, I think Max is a good singer in the movie. X3
12/30/2014 c1 Brainyxbat
I bet baby Max is so adorable. I love him a lot. And I mean a LOT. X3
4/19/2010 c12 RINA
8/23/2009 c12 55Amethyst DragonRider
I really liked this! It was good, especially considering that it's for a children's movie.

*Goes to see what else you've written*
1/23/2008 c12 19Narfy
Aw man! That ending was so beautiful and tear jerky. Poor Leo too bad he never fully got to talk to Max again. And little Timon, he just sounds so cute I want to cuddle with him. You did a wonderful job on this story and I hope you continue with more great stories that we will all enjoy so keep up the good work and have fun writing. :)
1/20/2008 c11 Dragon Spirit Fighter
Overall, I like it. There's the occasional spelling/punctuation/grammar error, but nothing to get in a twist over. Most people have little errors like that in their writing, anyway. I can't honestly comment on the characters, because I've only ever seen the first LK movie and parts of the second, so I'm not entirely familiar with the makeup of what (I'm assuming) will be Timon's family.

The story itself could use maybe just a little more character development, but I'm only saying that because I don't really know who these meerkats are and I generally tend to be picky about that sort of thing. Maybe, if you ever get bitten by the rewrite bug, possibly go back and just flesh out the story a bit. Add some more description as to what these characters look like, add more emotion and variation to let your readers know how they're supposed to look and sound. (What do their voices sound like? Do they growl out a question? Do they screech or squeal in fright? In the second chapter, Max has a little brother. How do they look different? Are their noses different sizes? Different colored hair? Does one look more like their mother while the other looks more like their father? Don't be afraid to throw really fleshed-out descriptions into your stories.)

Again, like I said, I tend to be sort of weird about stuff like this. Overall, you wrote this story well. Best of luck with the rest of your stories.
1/1/2008 c1 8Safi Kittykat
AWW this looks really good for a start! i cant wait to read the rest! and you're a really talented writer too! everything was absolutely perfect! great job!
12/9/2007 c11 19Narfy
Wow this chapter was nicely done, I loved how you made Molly try and convince the Meerkats of what was going on with the colony, and I like how you didn't make it too happy and have no one leave, it makes the story more interesting having more members listen to the random crazy lady. And I loved how Lee just wanted to hide behind Mel when Molly wanted him to leave with her, I can just see that scene in my mind. Great chapter, can't wait to see your last one so keep up the good work and have fun writing :)

P.S. thanks for the review.
11/14/2007 c10 33Agent Ninety-Nine
I'm enjoying this - I like the characters and their names, and the story is rolling along nicely. (I love meerkats!)
10/30/2007 c10 Lisa Lionheart
Eh you should know who it is by now.

Great chapter the ending leaves some questioning about what is going to happen soon like how will they get rid of Molly and stuff. and the coversation with Leo and Max was great I could really feel the tension rise between them.

I'm not sure what line was from Ratatoullie since i only saw it once so I guess I won't get a cookie. And sorry it took me so long to review. I just noticed you updated. :)
9/17/2007 c9 General Marriott Suites
I'm in diguise, hee hee! :D Hopefully you know who I am, you just sent me a birdy.

This was easily your best chapter so far, I loved it! I loved your descriptions of Joe looking around in the savana for hawks and things, you did a great job on that and Molly oh boy does she sound like an evil lady like Zira. Oh man I can't wait to see how her plan will work or even backfire for that matter. Oh you're making it really good now. Hope to see more updates soon. Gotta go to class now. :)
8/10/2007 c8 3Maudiebeans
I already told you how evil this was XD but in a good way! I agree with Narfy how the setting is peaceful, and the sweet and shy interaction between Kavie and Leo is love e.e.

And then you add in Molly! Brief yet it served its purpose in reminding us about that sinister little female! Brilliant idea =D
8/10/2007 c7 Maudiebeans
I'm late in my reviews! FORGIVE MEE!


I love Leo more after every chapter you dish out. He's just so sweet. I enjoyed the dialog between him and Kavie, and the end of the chapter was especially cute and hilarious. The way Max stated he didn't want to know what was going on XD Whoa dude, get your mind out of the gutter! XD
8/5/2007 c8 19Narfy
Arrgh darnit you don't allow annonymous reviews, I was gonna call myself Spider Pig too. I feel kinda wierd being here right now, I forget how long its been since i signed on.

Any way nice chapter, it felt peaceful and serene to me for some reason, like they are all calmly trying to work out the problems that they are dealing with. Very well done. Look forward to more. :0)
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