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12/10/2012 c10 1Irishbrneyes
Do not fret over how long it took for you to finish this wonderfully fantabulous story...the point is that you did, and that, I for one, am ecstatic! Thank you so much for this wonderful chapter, but most of all for seeing that some loose ends need to be tied off first before it can officially be done. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Looking forward to the next chapter.
12/8/2012 c10 9michebabyblue
im still reading.
Absolutely AWESOME! I had almost given up hope, but you came through for us, Druid! And in a right shiny fashion, I might add. Keep chasin' those lil' bunnies, cause I want to see what happens when they get caught. (Mal/Inara, hint,hint)
11/11/2012 c9 1JimBeamer5
You know this is a great Rayne story, can't believe I missed it. And while I, like all the others, would like an update I'm also ok with the way it is at the moment. Lots of uncompleted fics finish on some sort of cliffhanger, this one does not. And it's nice to see that for a change.

And when Jayne punched Nicos and basically declared to all that River was his, that was a magic moment. One of my favorites in all of Rayne-dom.

Another thing you don't see to often in Rayne, and it had me pumping my fist in the air, was Jayne and Simon as friends. Yes! Often Simon gets the hun dan treatment, it was nice (there's that word again) for Simon to be something other than the villain of Rayne for a change.

Well done girl.

Give you muse a big kick up the pi-gu and get back to it!
11/5/2012 c9 Guest
Oh, man. I just re-red it again. You've got to find that muse and drag her back kicking and screaming if ya gotta. If for no other reason so I can read about Nikos gettin' mollywhomped again. :)
3/26/2011 c9 jenefaner
Oh NOOO! Wheres the rest of the story? :'((
2/16/2011 c9 alisosia
great story - like river's friends - would like to read more of their adventures

and also add my pleas to hopefully some updates
11/14/2010 c9 4WhiteMoonFlower
Since this hasn't been updated in 2 years i was wondering maybe you can update now? LOL can't leave it there when River and Jayne finally hook up...
8/24/2010 c9 1stopthatbluecat
Nice, I very much approve.
10/14/2009 c9 SV
Great story! I recently became a Rayne addict & am gobbling up all stories I could find. I do realize you haven't updated this in foever so it's likely you've forgotten or moved on, but in case you ever wander over again, great story! If you get around to updating, you'll have a loyal reader (of stories not thoughts) in me.
8/19/2009 c9 1SusanMarieS
great story. nice plot. thanks for the effort you've put forth. it really shows.
8/15/2009 c9 lastlovesangel
please update this story! i just found it and am totally in love with it. i want to know what happens next!
2/16/2009 c9 5one of the lost
Can we get a conclusion? Please? Something?
7/30/2008 c3 34DSDragon
Since the BDM has not happened in this story, it would not make sense for Mal to call River Albatross. The whole reason he started calling her that in the first place was because the Operative called her one.
5/26/2008 c7 Catherine
Wow i really like this story. You have caught the whole way they talk on firefly and not to mention the character seem just like they do on the show. Love the whole story. Keep on writing!
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