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for Sacrifice

7/11/2014 c9 sekmarcspn
I loved this story and the basic premise that it is based on. Which is why its so disappointing that it's gone without an update for so long. I really hope you come back to it sometime soon. Thanks for sharing! Happy Writing!
12/9/2011 c1 Reviewer
In your summary, you spelled Jinchūriki wrong...really bad way to begin you story
7/4/2011 c8 1NSEW-KISUNE
This would b the first story that i would actually look forward to waiting for 2 b updated
6/27/2011 c8 2raging hobo
I give it a thumbs up. The only issue I have is that it ends up being so long between chapters I have a hard time remembering what happened before. I'm not saying this to rush you, certainly not. Life comes before random internet writing. I'm just stating a fact. Either way, I will wait not-so-patiently for your next chapter.

6/25/2011 c8 2ranma hibiki
daww, that was actually kind of cute for this chapter

6/25/2011 c8 Loiosh311
Glad to see this updated after so long! thanks for the new chapter!
10/13/2010 c6 1Beloved Daughter
Interesting story. I will comment though that the scene changes should probably be a bit more distinct physically as there were a few times that it was a bit confusing until I looked ahead and saw that that POV had changed.

I love the little bit of Chouji and Sakura's 'date' that was thrown in. Chouji was just so cute, the poor boy!
9/22/2010 c6 1Lahmikhara
Loved reading it again ^_^

It's still a brilliant peace of work and I'm totally caught up again :D

You shall hear from me soon... *eary music playing in the background*

Don't ask I'm rather hyper today ^_^
10/14/2008 c5 4ObsidianEbony
This is pretty good! I'll admit I was a bit confused on some parts, but you did really well on Kyuubi's story!
2/29/2008 c3 G
It's both amusing and frustrating to see authors writing "board" instead of "bored". Mostly it's just annoying. All the crying and angsting and sh*t in this chapter was just so boring I almost didn't manage to get through it. The OOCness of everything just turned me off of the fic. I thought this would be interesting. Instead I find a mostly crack!fic with a lot of shallow angst. I think you failed this story, fully and completely. But that's just me.. on a positive note, your writing seems to be improving.
2/29/2008 c2 G
First of all, "your" is possessive, "you're" is short for "you are" (kinda pointless to shorten it like that, but that's English for you). The first half of the chapter was pretty good, then it went slowly down-hill. Still, it was pretty interesting. Though this "red eyes flashing" thing got old years ago. You're a member of DLP, right? Some of those rules you (DLP) wrote apply to Naruto, Hellsing, LotR and many others.. I think there was something there about red eyes? Unless it's sharingan, Naruto permanently getting Kyuubi's eyes (not advisable, but can work) or something, I must say flashing red eyes is a huge NO in Naruro fanfiction. Well, you got me kind of interested with this chapter so I'll just read the next one and see if it is any good. It seems like the story will truly begin in the next chapter.
2/29/2008 c1 G
Surprisingly many faults for such a short chapter. Surprising because you're supposed to be a great writer.. He paused the technique just so he could make sure his letter was in his pocket? I'm not quite sure about Japanese words, but I think it's supposed to be "bijuu" not "bijju". You wrote "Kyuubi it's self..", I assume no comment is needed for that one. "Their" instead of "there". There wasn't enough in this chapter for me to have an opinion of the story, so I'll just read the next chapter and see what I think of it.
2/13/2008 c5 14Hiei's Cute Girl
Good to see you too! Welcome back! ^^ XD I'm sorry for the laste review, I had too many things to do, I still do, for that matter, but I'm revizing through my e-mail and rechecking everything, and SURPRISE! There was an update from you! Hurray!

Good luck on every goal you've set for yourself! ^^ And the next chapter of course!
1/29/2008 c5 17RaiderXV
Very good and very detailed. I very much enjoyed it and look forward to seeing if Naruto will save Hinata, and if Choji will score any points with Sakura... :)
12/14/2007 c5 3Dragon Noir
YAY finally got to read it, neat huh? ^^

hmm pretty good and very interesting chapters, lots of things going on behind the scenes it seems, and i really wonder what you'll do about hinata and how her eyes will come into play (hanabi needs a world-wide spanking)

seems like the "moment of truth" for kyuubi and naruto is growing closer and closer, i can't wait
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