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5/11/2007 c5 20Qk
I'm quite impressed with all this. Very nice.
2/8/2007 c5 30an-angel-in-hell
Aww, I'm sad that it's over, but it was ever-so-good while it lasted... like ice cream... OK, sorry. *makes self focus* Erm, yes. Um... it's midnight and I can't quite remember what I was going to say... Oh! That one part. Yeah, y'know, the one in Cameron's POV? I dunno, it kinda... bugged me. But then, Cameron tends to kinda... bug me. So you got her perfectly IC there. So it was good. The whole thing was good. And the part in Tritter's POV was... interesting. Also very IC. Kudos.

Sorry for the rambling review...
2/3/2007 c4 6JazzyCriminologist
My...god...I'm going to start sobing soon. This is so beautifly written. I can't begin to explain how amazing this is. I can see Wilson willing to sacrafice himself that much for House and I thank you for a story showing that. This is amazing and I cannot wait for the next chapter. This story is emotionaly crushing me, and I love it.

2/2/2007 c4 2Exotic Emeralds
=o That was super sexy!


I really really loved it!
2/1/2007 c4 30an-angel-in-hell
Wow. You have managed to do what even the writers of the show rarely manage. You've made me like Cameron. That scene with her and House- beautiful.
2/1/2007 c4 annabelleaurelius
This was a brilliant chapter, hon-very powerful stuff, and great characterizations. I'm sorry to hear the next chapter will be the last, but I'm looking forward to reading it all the same!
1/27/2007 c3 an-angel-in-hell
Wow... W- W- WILSON! *sob* This is perfect... *favorites* Wonderful premise dear, really. I
1/24/2007 c3 2Exotic Emeralds
Holy... Wow

This is so GOOD!
1/24/2007 c3 2Sc00byD00
like the story. keep on posting. ^^
1/20/2007 c2 9Epithelial
Very nice and angsty. Eargerly awaiting an update!
1/15/2007 c2 Candleblaise
Love the story so far. Poor Wilson! Can't wait to read more. Update soon please!
1/15/2007 c2 17Shadowstar
Like it. :) Hope you have more planned- though with author's notes like that, I can't imagine you don't. I love being mean to characters, and more so I love when other people are mean so I can be mean vicariously while pretending to be nice.
1/15/2007 c2 6lil bishi hunter
(swiftly printing out tritter pics and making little voodoo dolls out of them) You, I stab. (stabs first one) You, I burn. (burns the second one) You, I feed to preditors. (throws him to hugry animals whi;e tied to a steak) and you I will torture for the rest of eternity. (random torture) Loved the story. the only thing I dont like is tritter, but that isn't your fault. He is just a bastard that practically raped poor Wilson baby. (cuddles wilson and House dolls)Reveiw please. (wags reveiwer puppy tail)
1/14/2007 c1 31Jedi Master Calriel
Okay, need the next part now!
1/13/2007 c1 11Aphrodite Roslin
This story was great. You should definitely keep going. It would be nice to see House's reaction. Nice work.
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