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3/1/2008 c6 Dayana95
PLEASE REVIEW!It's been months please don't tell us that was the end!
12/31/2007 c6 3SimmerDee
oh I love thiis story please tell me it isn't discontinued..
12/6/2007 c6 lucy2525 review is very late.

but... it's a real shame that you never finished this one.'s still not too late.
5/17/2007 c6 taylorxxsue
Loved it! Awesome job! Taylor
5/15/2007 c6 27tashgranger
update pleeze!
5/12/2007 c6 13quidditch7
AW. This was a very sweet endearing.

I reall need to know my information on what went update soon! This story is great...and the closing line of this chapter was adorable.


sorry for the late review!
5/7/2007 c6 8Zarroc
aw! ... that was SUCH a cute chapter!

too bad things couldn't stay like that forever...

3/22/2007 c5 Zarroc
good chap!


whats going to happen?

3/7/2007 c5 taylorxxsue
I loved it. If you could've pointed out the place where it went from the regular scene to flashback. Other then that, it was great! Keep up thee good work! Taylor
3/4/2007 c5 13quidditch7
I liked this chapter...the scene from years ago before Bill and Fleur's wedding was really cute and well written. I can't wait to read more...and about a cliffe! Geesh..way to leave all the readers hanging there. Honestly though..great chapter, you are such a good writer.

Can't wait to see what goes on in the next chapter. How long do you think this story will be?

3/4/2007 c4 quidditch7
I absoulutly adored finding out more about the characters and their lives now..especially all of their children. And I enjoyed the image of Ron reenacting a quidditch play. hehe.

What was the silver ring on Ron's fingers...I hope I'm not just being stupid..because I really don't know.

There you go again..writing those lines that I have to copy and paste and show you because I love them..haha: (“You Hermione, every time I see you, you miss me. Your body says it, your eyes scream it, I’d forgotten how easy it is to love you, do you know that?”) talk about amazing. Geesh. The scene between Ron and Hermione was real well written, I almost felt like I was Hermione- in her thoughts fuzzy and listening to what Ron had to say.

This story is so angsty..yet I love it. hehe. I've gotta read on. Great chapter though.

3/4/2007 c3 quidditch7
Great chapter..I Love how she calls the Burrow her home.

Good line: (If anything was to make her turn back it was that thought, the thought of the future she should have had with Ron, the future that she was now scared to remember). Very powerful line..because it nearly doesn't make sense.. you know..scared to remember the future..but it DOES make sense. Because Herimone knows what her and Ron's future should have been.

I love Harry and that him and Ginny are so happy. And he brings a bit of humor into the dreary situation. Love him for it. Ruby sounds darling.

More favorite lines:

(the voice had made every nerve in her body stand to attention, how could he still have that power over her even now.)

(now like this it was pulling her in so many different directions it was starting to feel hard to breath.)

I just keep copying and pasteing lines from this chapter into my review because they are so good!

And I'm probably just an emotional basketcase..but this line made me cry: (She watched him walk in to the house the white t-shirt clinging to him in all the right places, his hands shoved deep in his pockets of his denim shorts. He may have grown but as he looked back over his shoulder Ron hadn’t changed.)

This review sucked..but just know..that your writing is amazing..haha.I will try to make my review for chapter4 better.

3/4/2007 c2 quidditch7
Sorry it's taken me so long to review these chapters.

but um holy shit. This chapter was beyond amazing, the emtions were so powerful I felt my eyes watering during these two lines:

(However the fear of him not returning had hold of her so tightly that she lay there listening to his heart break, scared to move incase hers got broken in the fall out)


(How could she put six years of hurt down in a letter? How could she ever tell him that all she ever wanted was for him to look at her the way that he used to?) are just flat out amazing at writing..haha..can't take it! I am still not sure what happened between Ron and Hermione..I don't really get it. I hope it's just not clear yet in the story. but if it is can you explain it to me because I am so lost.

Loved it.

3/3/2007 c5 connieewing
wow keep it up I can't wait to read more
3/3/2007 c5 Sandy
Interesting story. I had a little trouble mentally separating flashbacks and the present in chapter 5.
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