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3/24/2014 c6 Guest
What happens next?
10/1/2012 c6 Elle
Le wild review appears! This is really cool, I like the storyline. I feel bad for pietro though :(
7/17/2012 c6 Anonymous452
UPDATE DMN YOU! Haha just kidding. but seriously update already! The voices... the voices are demanding MORE! MORE!
6/23/2010 c6 Lmbrake
Why does they smell like death? Oh well, i guess we'll find out. Oh, and wasn't John lying when he said he didn't kill people, cause i figured the whole fire thing with the brotherhood was him...

Anyway, like i said, i'm sure i'll find out XD UPDATE SOON!
6/9/2010 c6 2AngelwithDirtyThoughts
This is a really great story and I wish that you would continue it! :)
10/15/2009 c6 Book of Lilith
I really love this fic and hope that you decide to update soon. This is getting so interesting and I just love how you've written everyone. :D
6/24/2009 c6 ONIX-21
Hey i just found ur story and i think its awesome!

i love the idea

though im worried about Pietro :(

love the Jonda hehe

uh oh they smell like death?

great work!

looking forward to reading more

so i hope u decide to continue with this story! XD
10/4/2007 c6 The slug
wow, this chapter was awesome. it's been ever so long since you last wrote. i really liked it. next, plz?
9/22/2007 c6 Loneraven
Wow I really like the interaction between Wanda and John. It's cute and it totally works. And somehow I think sending John to get coffee by himself wouldn't be the best idea. Good thing he had Wanda to be his chaparone ;DD

The acolytes win at life, though.

The Sabertooth mentions made me laugh out loud. Oh boy.

*dies* Wolverine's arm hair. Oh no! Not death smell! D:

Keen little fic here :D
9/22/2007 c3 Loneraven
Ye. This fic is keen so far! Your writing isn't Mari-style but it's still pretty good. Don't feel bad. We all pale in comparison to her ):

Keen. *goes to read more*
9/20/2007 c6 nat
ah write more! why do they smell like death? I MUST KNOW.
9/20/2007 c6 4FaeNocturne
OMG! Sorry, I don't resort to chatspeak that often. But after reading this chapter, I went to your profile, and I got to see your AWESOME deviantart profile! I must say, you are both a talented writer and artist. I don't know what number I was in seeing your profile, but I am still glad that I clicked the link. You have an extremely wonderful combination of mediums and I commend you! Hopefully someday, I'll find someone who can draw my character as good as you draw your favorite characters!
9/20/2007 c6 8Ebon Hush

So good to see that you're back!

Whew, Pyro sure does cackle a lot doesn't he?

One thing that continues to amaze me is the way you write the everyday interactions of the Acolytes. Piotr and Remy are so... alive, I guess. Well done!

I'm having a hard time seeing Pyro (the ever-cackling) in a relationship or involved in any kind of romance, so I'm looking forward to seeing how you're gonna wrangle the actual lurve, when it gets here. Exciting.

The suspense with Pietro is killing me, plain and simple! What happened? Inquiring minds (mine especially) want to know.

So please, don't wit another six months before updating, hmm?

Great job.

Ebon Hush
9/19/2007 c6 19Goldylokz
I totally forgot about this story! Thanks for starting it up again. I say that a late update is better than no update. Mostly I say that so I'm not a hypocrite, but it does have validation. Mostly I believe a late well written update is worth 100X more than a shitty quick update.

I have a feeling Remy is going to regret being in Wanda's debt for coffee.

They smell like death, eh? And the plot thickens.
9/19/2007 c6 35TWbasketcase
VALOOFLE! *tackles you with hugs* You're back! He! I missed this story! :D

Okay, and in the grand scheme of waiting for this new chapter, I totally forgot how HEARTBREAKING this story is! The Brotherhood died DD: Aw man, and I'm so glad that you had Wanda really touch on that some more this chapter; I really, honestly think she would be feeling a lot of regret and guilt for that despite not knowing them as well as she could have. Because honestly, she lived with them. Just the little things like their morning antics and the sounds of their voices pissing her off are gonna pop into her brain a lot subconsciously, and I think you did an awesome job of playing that bit up.

You also had a lot of underlying plot going on here that both intrigued and scared me...especially the death stuff and the Acolyte's reactions to it. I have this really bad feeling that something happened - and they may or may not have a part in it - but I can almost bet that's it going to be something that I'm not gonna like D: It was obvious from the get go that Magneto wanted a way to get Wanda to join his team, and I'm just hoping and praying he didn't order the fire hit on the house to get her there. Because honestly, I really don't think Wanda or Pietro would *ever* be able to forgive Magneto or any of the Acolytes for killing their friends. That would be so heartbreaking D:

The banter between all the team members was really well written too. The way you've got the dialogue set up and the different characters reactions to each other was just so spot on! The characterization was wonderful! :D PS - I loved the image of John and Remy exploding a coffee can together in the air! Explosive best friends! XD And the Jonda! T'was spectacular, mon amie!

And lastly, I'm so interested to see what Pietro's been up to! The poor guy's been getting hassled quite a bit, and I'm under the impression that now that Mag's got Wanda, Pietro's just a little pawn...and I can bet the poor guy's definitely not happy right now D: I hope to see some of him next chapter!

So yeah, welcome back you sexy thing! I missed your work! Its so good to see some great quality writing from you again :) So I hope you can get working on the next one because you've got me dying to know more :D Keep it up, and update soon!


PS - :3 Cat face. Go team sharon
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