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1/22/2011 c1 normdter
thought your character had a well thought pov. loved the movie but feel that most people missed the 'love' story part and shy away from it. This is slash! the concept runs the gamut from this to what some whould call porn. The point IS the pov. I hope that you will continue.
7/20/2010 c1 5MooMonsters
Wow. This was really great; in character, pretty good grammar (omit 'parities' ) :D

I really liked it. =D

Um..when I read "Rock Lobster" I see Peter Griffin with his acoustic singing horridly, btw. x)

Great story nonetheless! :DDDD
8/28/2008 c1 8Elinad
I loved it!

I have no criticisms except that you typed "parities" when I think you meant "parties".

Anyway, I hope your write more, as damn it, there is simply just not enough good MOPI fanfiction.

Please keep up the good work!
11/20/2007 c1 m-affliction
Oh wow. That was amazing. I really loved the idea that Scott found Mike and held him while he slept. I absolutely LOVED the last line :)
7/11/2007 c1 rikki

i love the idea that scotts dad was a client of mikes- makes perfect sense in an odd, uncomfortable way. thanks for this.
3/12/2007 c1 4handsareforshaking
hrm. i did like that, and ive only see it on tv too, so i cant really comment on the accuracy. you got a lot out of the movie though, only seeing it once, and your descriptions were good. a little rocky in places, but the ending was perfect. all in all, very good. hope you write more! =) *sigh* i wish this fandom was bigger...

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