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for At the Beginning with You

5/13/2009 c1 xxangel324xx
Very nice story! ^_^

umm... can someone please p.m. me all the abbreviations like AU and OOC and what they stand for? please and thank you! =)
1/22/2008 c4 8idiot.princess
wahahahaha. i love this girl right here and sorry none of you show folk can have her. mwahahahahah

I LOVE IT. muahahahahaha
1/22/2008 c5 idiot.princess
my cutie. :D reminds me of you and a certain best friend.

soul, im sorry i dont get to read your stories much. i am so busy these days. :( so yea. you're the first one i reviewed in a long time so feel special soul. love ya :D
12/25/2007 c5 dominiqueanne

this is getting good , i wonder what will happen next

update soon
12/17/2007 c1 MistyOLIVEeyes
10/27/2007 c5 2KiwiFrube-x
natsume has a fiance (is that how u spell it? lol i forgot lmao XD) doesn't he? NO! that would suck! i think im ganna cry! -starts crying... then stops- okay better now ^.^ still don't like even the thught of it though -starts pouting at the idea- well i love this fic so far and im looking forward to the next chapter so Keep Up The Good Work and Update Soon! (okay?)

-Springy ^.^
9/21/2007 c5 GirlWhoLivedd
9/17/2007 c5 10Sitting in the Silence
yey... good thing you continued... it turned out to be a really nice story... update...! JA! keep it up..
9/7/2007 c5 kidaokadee
Maybe Natsume's got a fiancee!What was that "Master Natsume, we should be heading home now. Your fi-"?Gr..Please I which it's not fiancee that completes that statement!Huhuhu!I am hurt,hurt for Mikan!Well so much for exaggerating!Please update soon!Ur fanfic is great!
9/2/2007 c1 Mitzi
hihhi remember me anywho nicefanfic i added u

in ym so we can talk over ginban kaliedescope

thanks a lot
5/17/2007 c5 8Angel who can't fly
Your story is really nice. You're a great writer XD Update soon!
5/9/2007 c2 10Sitting in the Silence
who in the hell has the right mind to say that your writing sucks! baka abnoy! waheheheheh... it's nice and i like it... well, you continued it naman na e... hehe... have faith in yourself okay?
5/7/2007 c5 2glenda23
what does mata kimi ni aitia mean and i dint get natsumes situation
5/5/2007 c5 3bunnnny-chan
if natsume didn't leave so fast he could have seen mikan!



5/5/2007 c5 12Shiori's Notebook
Nice chappie Ate Erinn! I'm so happy you used the song 'At the Beginning'- it's one of my faves!


“Tsubasa, what did your sister have for lunch? She seems extremely happy and very high on sugar.”


I remember my mother asking me that about MY little sister- oh wait, my sister's ALWAYS jolly- kinda irritating at times. She's so 'irritatingly sweet' Hehehe!


Update soon onegai! Ja ne!

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