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for Christmas Cheer, Right From The Gutter

3/13/2007 c1 5I play wid fir3
1/25/2007 c1 32Cohen101
Oh wow, too perfect :D

I love that Chandler doesn't realize that Monica is Ross' sister... You sort of forget until someone make a remark about her and he's like, "Dude. That's my sister."

It's awesome.

Anyways, great! I actually laughed a LOT!

1/18/2007 c1 rajen48
Aw, lovely Mondler! No wonder this won Friendscafe's fanfic challenge...=D
1/18/2007 c1 133MonicaKateBingCastle
Loved it! :) Congrats on the win! hehe
1/18/2007 c1 mondlerlove
Aw that is so sweet. Please write more Mondler.
1/18/2007 c1 20crimsonpuddle
Excellent, just like a real Friends episode!
1/18/2007 c1 12jennied
*Squee* a new story hehe! You have no idea how happy this makes me... maybe a little too much lol!

Anyway... i loved this, can see why it won the fanfic challenge. Chandler being all grumpy and a kiss from Monica cheering him up. Aaw Mondler is so cute. Congrats on yet another fab fic! But you know i always look forward to whatever you write!
1/18/2007 c1 6Lorelai the Coffee Slayer
loved it. you totally deserved an award for that. no doubt its goin in my favs.

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