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6/8 c7 Nitramora
The dark side does not oppose love, just makes everything that prevents one from their goal, power, become obsolete. Its ironic, the reasons that you fell for, once that is obtained, don't matter anymore. Besides, your forgetting mania, setting aside if it can be called love or not.
3/27 c7 Guest
He married padme before the war and when he was still a padawan
3/27 c2 Guest
That darkness would be hidden by the light but let’s just ignore character developments for convenience.
3/17 c2 BaddieDZ2
"The rest of the chapters are longer" Lying right from the start. What a surprise.
12/22/2019 c6 Guest
12/12/2018 c31 Guest
Well damn.
12/12/2018 c29 Guest
Air Skywalker might be a surprisingly safe place to be, given their prestigious talents, but it's not that safe for Obi Wan, because some day they'll give him an actual heart attack instead of just grey hairs. XD
12/12/2018 c18 Guest
*falls over laughing*
Oops! The Skywalker charm strikes again~! Luke's main advantage over his currently-tiny Father is being apparently older than Padme instead of younger- it's not that unusual for teenagers to be attracted to at least slightly older people and Luke i/is/i a sweetheart. Poor kids, all of them. Leia gets to watch, point, and laugh at them, though her heart will force her to offer hugs and advice at some point to calm things down between her precious people. (Who will need them, though, depends both on how fast Padme gets over the miscommunication and whether Luke needs to be rescued from the Handmaidens and Guards.)
12/12/2018 c17 Guest
*bounces in place with giggles* Anakin forgets that not all pilots are him, or even Skywalkers. XD

*quieter, sadder coos* Luke got Mommy hugs! One of the best things ever~! Good, he deserves lots of them.
12/12/2018 c16 Guest
XD Oh, Obi. Perhaps he's partially right, except that this particular Queen and Princess... well, Padme is only fourteen at the moment and Leia was near enough twenty then, so despite the differences in training and experience involved the Princess might have been more exhausting, if only because she was more grown and therefore heavier if she needed to be carried - which anyone rescuing a damsel of any stripe ought to assume might be necessary even if they're lucky enough for it not to be.
11/23/2018 c4 8Jjmt
I completely forgot that Palps isn't the Supreme Chancellor yet...
4/13/2018 c1 Mari Wollsch
great xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
9/1/2017 c29 ThunderSphinx
Vader would have killed Obi-Wan anyway. Kenobi stood no chance against him.
12/23/2016 c22 1madsloth
I’m curious why Anakin did not tell Luke about the attack on Tatooine. One would think he would remember the first time he saw a Sith and Jedi fight.
7/2/2016 c12 maryg92844
I'm really enjoying your story! I usually have a hard time when the story jumps back and forth to different scenes. I want to thank you for backing up a bit each time you change scenes. It really helps me.
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