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2/14/2008 c10 13The Black Flame Phoenix
this is cool. but i think you should make it a twist and make it Naraku's child since he did rape her before Inuyasha bedded her. oh and you made a mistake in your writing. In the first chapter you said that inuyasha turned human on the full moon but in actuallity its the no moon or new moon when he's human.

You can got to and look up Inuyasha for information.
2/14/2008 c10 xxPunkRockBeautyQueenxx
okay please let it be inuyashas child naraku should not be allowed to breed

update immediately plz

2/9/2008 c9 5KagsYasha
2/9/2008 c9 Anime Lady PIMP
I love it so far! Please update!
2/9/2008 c9 xxPunkRockBeautyQueenxx
kagome is pregnant with narakus baby isnt she? that would be a cool twist...

but anyways i like your story so far so its going in my alerts

11/24/2007 c7 22whitetiger-isabella
love th story. but what will happen when Inuyasha finds out what Naraku did to Kagome?
10/20/2007 c7 2Miss NeverWinter
Keep writing? Pwease?
9/26/2007 c7 ImVeedra
I just read your stories and I really appricate your time and effort that you put into them. As a writing major, I personally think that you're style is amazing. I bet you have what it takes, because every writer gets writer's block and how you overcome it show your ability to get things done, character, and personalaty. I'd like that you try to work on you personifacation though, can't wait till your next chapter!

9/26/2007 c7 5KagsYasha
Wo Awesome Story continue and the last part I laughed at his to have and to hold it reminds me of weddings when they say do you take (name) to be your (wife/husband) to have and to hold for the rest of your life or something like that good work continue soon :)
9/25/2007 c6 KagsYasha
shes not going to be in any pain when he has sex with her is she since shes not a virgin anymore :'( i hate rapes they are so sad :( continue
1/24/2007 c3 1heavens lil cherry
longer chapters please!

update a/s/a/p!
1/22/2007 c3 2Dani Mars
wow why did you stop there it was good and whay are they so short!
1/20/2007 c3 4BedknobsAndLlamas
freak out naraku is sick, update soon, ur chapters are a little to short for my liking but story is still good
1/19/2007 c3 hiten11
plz continue!

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