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9/24/2004 c1 4Etoile-san
*cannot type as i have died laughing* (self explanitory no? btw...it sounded cooler in my head...)
4/25/2002 c1 angie
i read this and now i'm terrified...*giggles* i loved it!
10/12/2001 c1 6Storm13
ICEMAN AND GAMBIT, you take my characters brother and my characters boyfreind and make them have gay sex? OK i need therapy now , serious therapy WHY THEM

`but the bah humbug was funny and other than the gay bits it was real laugh a munute with no plot( i don't mean that in a nasty way)
7/24/2001 c1 2mrmushy
lol umm weird!
7/9/2001 c1 Andrea Koch
*can't stop laughing* Okay, one: I loved it. And two: Can you give me the chack that you were on at the time. *smiles* Just kidding, really loved it!
7/2/2001 c1 3swiftkck2urdome
i see a spin off revolving around Warren, Betsy, Remy, Rogue, and Bobby..otherwise that was..er...uh..fun! what depth.. ; )
7/2/2001 c1 lifeizpretend
Like, O.M.G! L-M-A-O! THAT WAS MAD FUNNY! I LOVED IT HAHAHAHAHAHA ::clicks on the "submit review" button, while laughing hysterically::
6/30/2001 c1 16Raven Wings
...Strange. Very, very strange.

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