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4/26/2014 c4 7Silimaira
It's a shame you stopped writing this . . . I'm very curious to see how the plot would turn out.
5/22/2012 c4 5FutureMrs.Craig
I'm not the type to write long in depth reviews. But I appreciate the hard work that goes into writing each and every chapter.

I really like how Sakura's got spunk! I wish there was more of Sasuke, don't get me wrong, Neji is a wonderful character and I've got nothing agaisnt him, but I don't really think him and Sakura are good for each other you know? and I get it's just for the story but I jut thought I would voice my opinion.

Other than that, I like it .. So when's the next chapter? O.o
3/8/2012 c4 Ashi
u rock :)
2/20/2011 c4 Ironyisitnot
Awesome! Plz update soooon =D
1/7/2011 c4 9SpiderlilyPrincipessa
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO why why the horror y did u stop writing its not fair
11/26/2010 c4 2Crispy Gecko-Chan
story's awesome. update please?
10/9/2010 c1 ABloomingFlower
9/2/2009 c4 1Just.Call.Me.Kimm
please update even though you havent for like 2 years. its a really good story.
7/8/2009 c4 Rain
i love your story :D i love naruto and the mediator series :D please continue :D
1/20/2009 c4 4x.X.x.X.xBabyboo294x.X.x.X.x
Neji and Tem together no way!plz continue!
11/7/2008 c4 11chinookchick
aw.too bad. it's been like a year since you update so i have little hope but what the hell...plz update. plz continue the story. XD thnx
8/30/2008 c4 Summertime Sasuke
omg! i love this story! update soon and i'll give you a cookie!
5/1/2008 c4 23Cabbit and the Weasel
oh ple*breath*easse up date soon!
3/10/2008 c4 Innocence and Instinct
update! please (puppy eyes)
2/4/2008 c4 4PiscesHateScorpios
OMG! im SO happy someone decided to write a crossover with the mediator and naruto!

the story is AWSOME so keep up the AWSOME WORK!

update SOON!

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