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3/8/2008 c2 6Nostalgic Beauty
3/7/2008 c19 6red.masenko
that was such an awsome story!

just great. one of my favs. yeah, definetly. ^^
3/7/2008 c17 red.masenko
ass monkey. ahahaha!

kiba stripping! thats so funny! ^^

sasuke wearing make up!

that was such an awsome chapter!

so cute!

3/7/2008 c15 red.masenko
oh that was so sweet. i think that was such a sweet proposal. ^^ ^^
3/7/2008 c14 red.masenko
just so you know, i'm not stupid, nor am i little. but i am a fan ^^

ignore that crazy bitch that sent you that review. she doesnt know whats good. but i do. i dont usually get into stories that easily but yours is awsome!

really sweet chapter!

3/6/2008 c13 red.masenko
oh. tense. really great!

Love it!

3/6/2008 c10 red.masenko
hey, that was really really good.

i was a litle confused about the whole name thing too but to write a review like that person did. shame on them.

but its a really good story and you're a great writer so dont let that let you down!

3/6/2008 c8 red.masenko
hm. is it itachi? and who on earth is isabelle? i guess we'll figure out...

3/6/2008 c6 red.masenko
no way! that was such an awsome chapter ending. ahahah!

3/6/2008 c4 red.masenko
ooh. isnt sasuke sweet? awsome chapter!

3/6/2008 c2 red.masenko
oh. that was so totaly cool! really awsome!

3/6/2008 c1 red.masenko
tsk tsk, sasuke you flirt.

ahahaha! that was so totaly awsome!

2/27/2008 c20 2Blue Blood4686
That! WAS! THE! BEST! STORY! EVER! I'm so happy your writing a SEQUEL! I am so happy I decided to read this story! Now it's time to read the SEQUEL! You'll get another review concerning the sequel me!

2/24/2008 c20 CamiUchiha
Omg. This was a really good fic! I hope the sequal is just as good! I love the twins! So cute!
2/14/2008 c20 ohmytemptation
My god, this story was so good!

I feel sorry that you got abused because you did a great job. It was a bit confusing when you didn't use Sasuke's real parents names in the beginning, but you explained it well and it is one of my favourite stories.

Can't wait to read the sequel!


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