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4/3/2014 c5 Aaaah
I totally agree with the beautiful song, I loved it so much after the first time that I posted it on my favourites' list.
I can never get tired of these two crazy characters, each chapter is soooo amazing!
You might be shocked to hear the age I am right now for reading this fanfic, but please don't think that I'm a pervert... I'm just 14 (not lying).
2/6/2014 c19 Guest
That was amazing! Sry Im late 4 the comment but that was a great story :) i looooooved it!
1/25/2014 c19 10ILoveSxS
This was good I loved it
1/23/2014 c3 Guest
I'm quite sure that "Thou shall not lie" is not one of the seven cardinal sins. But the way they're going at it, they sure are committing one of the deadly sins, which is lust. So yeah, that's it. Not a devout Christian (I wouldn't be here if I was) but I remember the basic things about Roman Catholicism so I guess you should straighten out the mistakes because it's a tad disrespectful to the religion. No hate. Sorry.
1/19/2014 c20 ally
nice job it kept me interested good job
12/12/2013 c3 Guest
Thou shall not lie? One of the seven deadly sins? I think not. That's one of the ten commandments, not the seven capital sins.
9/28/2013 c20 Daena18Trix
Ah, I've finally finished this series! Man do I love it, looking forward to your new story of Wicked Blue :) Love ya and never stop writing!

-Daena Trix
9/6/2013 c20 3AleFicWorld
so amazing story... i started reading it in spanish... but the original version will always be that... thanks for wrinting so cool things...
take care...
7/1/2013 c5 the1andONLYlover
HAHAHAHAHA I was just going to mention how this Sasuke seemed a little out of character when I read that you've never watched Naruto in your author's note... oh god... hahahah HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE!? And why are you writing a Naruto fic if you never read it? ahahah you could've just written a work of fiction right? hahaha but anyways I appreciate you putting this up as a Naruto fic. Really love it so far and it's only been 5 chapters xD
6/22/2013 c5 EmmaUzumaki
u gotta be kidding me! i thought u watched it man!
6/17/2013 c20 6LoonyTuned
I looooved your story. It's amazing! I was so sad when it ended, haha.
I was just wondering, what was up with that Inou girl? She warned Sakura that Sasuke would do anything his father told him to, but I didn't get why she said that
6/3/2013 c3 Semi
I love this story! It became one of my favorite stories ever & I usually don't real o_O 3
6/3/2013 c20 Guest
i love your fanfic
5/27/2013 c17 PrincessAria-15
i love the part where Hinata asked where the fire was and the stripping part courtesy of Kiba :D
5/6/2013 c9 BoomPowMina
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