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3/21/2013 c20 SeriouslyCrying
That was beautiful! Truly beautiful! The ending made me want to cry! I hope to have an amazing wedding like that one day! TT_TT
3/20/2013 c11 meherm2345
NOOOOO! THIS CHAPTER! Everything was going so smoothly! WHYYY! WHYYYYY TT_TT
3/20/2013 c2 meherm2345
now this. this is how sex should be! you deserve an award! this is some A gold
3/20/2013 c1 meherm2345
first chapter and i was like ohhhh shiiiitttttt! this is gonna get good!
3/10/2013 c8 SakuSasu FAN
1/23/2013 c1 Tamu-chan
O/O my gwad this is intense is the first chapter and is so intense lol my nose is bleeding jaja
1/6/2013 c19
9/28/2012 c13 IchaIcha
wow... This story is blowing my mind..hihi...

Keep writing... Okey.. :D
9/16/2012 c19 Guest
This story is amazing! Although not all characters were exactly in the anime, it was great especially the suspense!
9/5/2012 c1 1Sasukie Uchiha
The story's quite good. I just want to say that in the few beginning chapters, there're too much lemons. So later, it's a bit boring too read the lemon because it's the same thing over again. Not that your work is bad but if you considering cut off some unimportant scenes, the making love part will become more special :D that's all I can explain with my poor English :( sorry if you can't understand
8/21/2012 c1 Seven again
Yea, hi again! Sorry bout the wrong spellin in my last review. Like fabric and Yemari. It was supposed to be fanfic and Temari. Don't know if I spelled Temari's name right, tho. Anyway, I bababble a lot, as you have noticed. Btw, it's hard to review using my itouch. Again I'm rambling. Let me stop. Sorry, I practically spammed your review page. Arg. I'm awful. Goodbye now. Thanks for the story!

Raziel (the rambling one)
8/21/2012 c19 Seven
Well... It was a good story. I only have some complains about the grammar. You should edit it further. Be consistent. Follow the tenses, if it's past, use past tense. I'm not really good at writing, but I notice stuff like this when I read. Next, I feel weird with the girl group. The Sakura, Hinata, Ten-ten and Temari girl group. It's just weird to have all of the girls their and Ino as an extra. Really weird especially to me cause I read lots of fabric usually the group consist of Sakura, Hinata, Ten-ten and Ino, sometimes with Yemari. But it's your story I'm just sayin that it was strange for me, so what I kept doing was change Temari to Ino in my head. Hey, I like Ino, I really like her than Temari, tho she ain't bad either. Another is, yeah, I think you got Ino's name wrong and I bet lots have told you about it. Lastly, I think Sasuke was a bit OC however this is an AU so eventho he was OC it was acceptable and I liked it. Anyway, that's it. I'm kinda lazy to log in my account, so yeah.

Good job! Great story!

Raziel (I feel like being Seven today, it is my fave number. Not that you care)
5/14/2012 c15 6andy-chan24
well. I must say. the lemons had been awesome. :)
4/1/2012 c8 Sasucakes is love
Why would you want to add drama and angst :O i love your story the way it is.. Its perfect! Seriously your awesome. Please write another one like this and i'll love tou forever and tell all my friends about it :D your story is fun to read and i love how you portry sasuke and sakura .. Especially sasuke xD 3 got your self a new no.1 fan xD
3/19/2012 c9 sasusaku
This is soooo great! i am absolutely in love with your story omg omg omg *breathe* this has to be first time I'v liked a story with sasuke out of character, but thi out of character is nice as it doesn't make sasuke seem like wimp who cries and has to have sakura teach him how to kiss *fool* .. Btw this is my second time reading your story hehe , its soo addictive, though i dont really like the ending :S .. but from the beginning until sakuras father finds out is amazing!
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