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1/28/2012 c10 lola1919100
it's nice but why didn't you make sasuke's mother her real name:Mikoto?
1/21/2012 c9 Fifth
Why do you keep saying skirts its skirt without the s, its just skirt! Sorry I tried to ignore it but its just bugging the hell out of me I love your story so far but aahhhhh its just driving me insaine!
12/23/2011 c20 NoctisLight
Awww :DDD

i love your story soooo MUCH!

Lemon,action,drama,suspense, and romance mixed together in one story. And it turn out very well!

Dont mind those bitches who criticized your story.

I also have a one certain bitch who'se very rude. She even told me that my work is not worthy to be called a story. Damn!


You did a good job in this story and keep up the good work for your future works.

God bless!
12/11/2011 c10 17another.creative.lover
Hmm... mother.

Tsubaki's his surrogate mother. Mikoto's gone elsewhere...

... and I'm guessing that elsewhere has a spy through Tiffany?

Just a thought.

Man. Everyone's spying on them...

My first thoughts were that Fugaku was the one who was following Sakura because he really didn't love Mikoto, but rather another woman. Love is out of the question for him, though... and he's dead. We think. O_O

... Isabelle...
12/11/2011 c9 another.creative.lover
Ouch. x_x So much for trying to play nice girl. (laughs) Sakura and her big mouth.

Mikoto = Sasuke's mother.

Fugaku = Sasuke's father.

But considering the time it was written at, it doesn't really matter much. ^_^"


... but that meeting made me die on the inside. Q_Q
12/11/2011 c8 another.creative.lover

O_O Whew... she's not pregnant... Kind of feels like the time in Friends when Rachel found out she WAS pregnant. Only without the pregnancy. (doesn't make sense)

Whoa there... omigod.

The Uchiha vs. Haruno vendetta has come to light. IT WAS OVER A WOMAN. O_O Isabelle's Sakura's mom...

So if Mr. Haruno finds out about Sasuke, he's going to freak and tell her that she can't stay with him because he knows how Mr. Uchiha acts. And he thinks that Sasuke'll be like that too. (Even though we know he's not...)


12/11/2011 c7 another.creative.lover

(fist pumps) One step closer to ZE LOVEO-MAKING! (gets kicked in the face by Gai and Lee's dynamic entry)

(bites nails) I have no words for this chapter. Except that I want to get to the next chapter. And the next...
12/11/2011 c6 another.creative.lover
O_O I think that Ghost made it so that Sasuke forgot about the condom. (gets hit)

OMIGOSH. x_x Sasuke and Sakura have guts doing all of that at school...

I wonder if they ever stopped to think that people got pictures on them.

OMIGOD. It's probably that Takashi kid. He knows who they are... and he's going to make both of them pay. (bites nails)
12/11/2011 c5 another.creative.lover

;) Wow... Sasuke's falling hard for her. Proof of that in the last chapter.

And Sakura's falling so hard for him. :)

12/11/2011 c4 another.creative.lover
(smiles) THE SWEETNESS~! (uses it to make cupcakes) The ending, despite the nail-biting fight, was really adorable. :3 (feels fluffy now)

"I cleared my throat loudly, bringing our intertwined hands against my breasts and smiled falsely at the bunch of girls. They all shoot me venomous glares."

I can so see Sakura do that. XD

I have to tell you this: everyone should love flawed characters because when they actually have flaws and aren't Mary Sues, they become real to the reader. And it makes the story a thousand times better, because what's a fantastic story without fantastic characters?

That's how I feel about Sakura. She's a sweet girl at times, but she is the EPITOME of a rich, spoiled brat. Your molding set for her is awesome. It's a shame that Kishimoto-sensei didn't tend to her development too well... but that's why she's so wonderful in the Fanfiction kingdom. Because she can be molded into any type of character the writer wants.

Sasuke is already a flawed character in himself, so Kishi-sensei deserves huge creds.

Alright. I'll shut up now. XD
12/11/2011 c3 another.creative.lover

You know, I'm wondering right about now if Sasuke and Sakura's relationship will turn a bit sweeter. Like if they show their love through sex, you know? ZE SEX SHALL TURN INTO ZE LOVEO-MAKING!

(gets hit)

x_x Judging by how skilled Mr. Haruno is at coming to conclusions, I think he's already figured out she's screwing Sasuke. Just saying.

This is such a demented story line. xD Love it.
12/11/2011 c2 another.creative.lover
Kissing in the rain with a dark twist.

You know, this story really made me think of a darker Romeo and Juliet. Not that Romeo and Juliet don't have THE darkest connotations of a love story ever...

But that would be this story. ;) Sleeping with the enemy. Heh-heh.

Seriously. You lemons are AMAZING.
12/10/2011 c1 another.creative.lover
Nice job. The beginning was a little cliche, but other than that, it was the perfect prologue.

Your lemons are beautiful, by the way. (insert Jiraiya giggle here before getting kicked in the face by Gai-sensei)
8/6/2011 c1 Shontel Uchiha
one word: AMAZING
7/26/2011 c11 Maskedgirl3
Holy shit its getting intense! _
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