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for My dirty Little Secret

6/28/2011 c14 cuteanimelover
I love your story even with the mistakes and I HATE THE BITCH THAT LIVE THAT COMMENT! love you all and...SASUSAKU 4EVER
6/27/2011 c1 1blossomingfrost
They move so fast! But gosh! Half the character in your story are so PSYCHOTIC! They make me scream in my room like "WTF? WHat the heck is wrong with you?" When I told my friend, he was like "wtf are you reading? You okay?"
6/21/2011 c19 sam
very nice story! i love it and enjoyed it very much! =D
5/22/2011 c19 6SilenceIsTheKey
N'aww. I loved this story! And all those lemons.. I swear! :') Haha, I loved the ending! Awww! Happy families! :D

Manni :) xx
12/22/2010 c20 Youndime16
LOL that wz an awesome story! :D! N i'm really glad that u dn't end it after the marrige. :) k gonna go read the sequal now =)
11/2/2010 c1 sary bella
felicidades es un fic muy bueno...lamento no poder leerlo ya que no soy buena en ingles..pero igual te felicito supongo que vas a traducir esto..jeje por si te interesa soy de argentina y mira hasta donde llego tu fic jajja...bueno gracias por dejar que lo tradujeran al españ veras que eres increible...saludos..=)
10/24/2010 c15 3mUmaRhz
loved the twist
10/24/2010 c14 mUmaRhz
daym loved this! seriously all the lies all the hidden pasts of their parents and the deception..and the romance! love!
10/3/2010 c10 DannyelYulu
wohooo! I LOVED IT! XD
8/17/2010 c5 1AlexCJ
I love it
7/13/2010 c19 3Not Your Girl 555
Wow, this story truly IS amazing.

The lemons are totally HOT. Gotta Love 'em

Damn, i have been reading this for five hours straight.

From the very first word to the last.

I am SO adding this to my faves.

Check my stories as well. i'd appreciate.
7/6/2010 c19 6ruethedays
"And if she does not like it, we have a lot more, Mama. Um…like ass wipe, jerk, idiot, stupid, whore, tramp, slut…"


I love how then learn it from Uncle Ruto.

I love this storryy!

Very lemony too xP
6/28/2010 c19 Sana
i loved it! the ending was great and very happy to^_^ lol gato love this story
6/28/2010 c14 sana
well i loved this chap. really great ^_^
6/4/2010 c15 1Maaannigaa
haha naruto mistakend sasuke for somone else
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