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7/2/2007 c1 22Starving For Attention

That was cute.

I liked it.


Great job!
6/25/2007 c1 28PandorasHollow
this story is so sweet and well written. I love it. the last line got me really laughing.

great job
4/28/2007 c1 Kate J
This is just a great little story. Good job!
2/28/2007 c1 2Lady Knight19
Even at the risk of sounding corny, I just wanted to say that I've enjoyed reading all of your House fanfics very much and that you're a really good author! Good job!
1/26/2007 c1 1pandorapoet
soo cute. I can totally see House thinking like this. Poor Baby.
1/22/2007 c1 7Fishback1
so house and so angtsly adorable! luved it! Great style
1/22/2007 c1 19This-Family-Affair
This is good! I never thought of what kind of pancakes House eats.. Chocolate chip fits him well. Keep it up!
1/22/2007 c1 212BlckBlt
This is great! I agree with LostforHouse, the last line is my fav!
1/22/2007 c1 87mishy-mo
cute - good story
1/21/2007 c1 44slam a revolving door
I read this on the House/Cameron livejournal community, and loved it, but I couldn't leave a comment, cause I don't have a lj account, so you can imagine how delighted I was when I realised that you'd posted it on here. I LOVE this. It's a perfect mix of angst and fluff and it's really really good. *applauds* On to favourites now!

1/21/2007 c1 Anonymous hot dude
Very sweet. I think you should make a prequel to this. you know? the ending before the beginning. I would love it and I may be going out on a cracked limb but I think many if not all House-Cam shippers would love it.
1/21/2007 c1 34mikesh
Aww very good.
1/21/2007 c1 7LOSTforHOUSE
I reviewed this on the other site, but I'll do it here too.

I loved this!

The last line is my all-time favorite! Beautiful!


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