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for Her Struggles

7/19/2010 c5 Snowkid
poor parents, and nanao has a lot of bad luckXD

hahaha she died againxD
11/6/2007 c15 kurotenshi-08
I love the story, it was great, very nice ending.
5/21/2007 c15 asiarose283
Yay, a happy ending! (and lasgana... m, lasgana, heehee:) I've really enjoyed reading your story, it was a wonderful combination of drama, suspense and humor, all while keeping the characters, well, in character. Thank you for posting this and please keep writing, you're good at it! :)
5/11/2007 c15 47Yaraslava Rada
Good story! I liked it!
4/5/2007 c14 Muselolo
So sad...
4/4/2007 c14 Yaraslava Rada
woohoo. one bad thing. I don't like the formatting but it's a good story!
4/4/2007 c14 Ceaka
Oh my Shunsui do really love her ^^ ..

nice chapter update soon and thank you for reviewing mine ^^

4/3/2007 c14 asiarose283
I'm Sorry about not reviewing sooner but my hard drive died and I had to get it fixed :( Stupid computer!

but enough about me :)

Anyhoo, I really liked these two chapters (13 & 14) I can't believe Nanao is the #1 Espada! I didn't see that coming. and I loved how she and Gin bonded over ice cream, lol :)

The dialogue between 'Nell' and everyone in chap 14 was really interesting. And Shunsui trying to drink himself to death because he can't be with Nanao is just heartbreakingly sad.

I can't wait to see how the story is going to end! :) even if it is sad that it's ending :(
3/31/2007 c13 Ceaka
I'm so so so so so sorry for not reviewing earilier I was busy with my exams and my story ^^ but that but is the best I like it alot..

3/18/2007 c12 asiarose283
That flashback was so sad. Poor Nanao :( And ugh why is Ulquiorra stalking her? That's just creepy! :) I hope you update soon!
3/12/2007 c12 Ceaka
Oh poor girl that how her brother died ,, who was the person who greeted her I want to know update soon ^_^
3/11/2007 c11 Ceaka
oh what are you going to do now Shunsui ?

update soon I'm waiting for the next chapter ^_^

by the way I update mine toO ^_^
3/6/2007 c11 6Shironami
hey! I'm not this far in the manga yet, so I"m just a little lost, but its a great story! I'll keep reading it. I don't mind spoilers... there're everywhere anyway

3/1/2007 c10 asiarose283
Aw... poor Nanao. She probably feels completely betrayed and confused. :( And poor Shunsui for wanting to tell her and not being allowed to.

And I wonder what Ulquiorra wants with her. Yay intrigue and angst. :) Please update soon!
2/27/2007 c10 Ceaka
Ulquiorra was a bit ooc but never mind

still like your fic still want to know what will happen next

update soon ^^
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