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2/20/2010 c2 35Angelfirenze
*sighs* This one was rather confusing, though I should tell you that Lily Potter's name has just that - only two 'l's' in it. LILY.

Having author's notes and commentary at the beginning and end didn't really help things, I have to say. I thought they were parts of the story at first.
2/20/2010 c1 Angelfirenze
I'm curious, does this mean Hermione isn't a Muggleborn? If she is, then why on earth would Voldemort spare them? Did he think them inconsequential enough to wait until Hermione was supposed to be dead?

I'm very curious to see how this turns out.
11/12/2009 c11 30voldyismyfather
love it xx
3/21/2008 c11 4EmilyLovesYOU
cant wait for more!


3/21/2008 c11 Darkness-Lightness
LOL very funny so what is mione going to be called now and how much money is she going to get for it all Please update soon
3/21/2008 c11 skopde
Great story, grat story. Hope you´ll upload new chapter someday.
2/9/2008 c10 1tyrani13
love it
11/22/2007 c10 4EmilyLovesYOU
hahahahaha i hope he goes straight



10/3/2007 c1 joaquin cerra
the wost story that i had read, do a favour to

and stop to write this junk.

8/29/2007 c5 WiseManDan
Yes, I was rather harse as well. Thank you for your explanation and your apoligy, I also give you my apoligy and wish you good luck with all your FanFiction stories.

8/29/2007 c4 WiseManDan
Thank you for replying. It was flattering.

Firstly I was merly asking a question, it is not in my rights to decide how you right a story. I apoligize if it came across that way.

Secendly I am not scared of gays. As I said I was just asking why you made him gay (Although to be honest I dont totaly remember what I said, if I said something insulting I apoligize)I understand you dont have a problem with them I was merly asking why dont you just make him straight?

Thirdly I understand that they are accepted in todays world but as you already relised I do not agree with it. I hope you take the time and reply to it.

8/28/2007 c3 WiseManDan
Why make him gay? I will never see why people make there charaters gay? Do you support them or something?
8/22/2007 c8 nightangel1220
great chapter...why does she have bruises on her hips? please update soon!

8/22/2007 c8 6starbuckviper
update soon
8/8/2007 c7
this is going great! keep it up! :D
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