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2/20/2007 c6 78Liselle129
This is actually a review for 5 & 6, both about kisses, I noticed. I liked 5 and how it left it sort of up to your imagination who the first kiss was with. My first kiss was actually wonderful and magical, so I'm occasionally criticized because I write first kisses in much that way.

6 was sad but very sweet. Despite the bittersweet mood of the story overall, I thought it was kind of funny how the one thing Aang basically wanted to do before he died was make out.

Thanks for this collection. I haven't been writing much Kataang lately, except in Destiny's Call, of course. It's always a pleasure to read your work.
2/20/2007 c6 17FairyGardenCorgis
Aw! That was so sad! It almost made me cry! But I still loved it! I'm using a lot of exclamation points! XD
2/19/2007 c6 12Absolutely Unsure
THAT WAS SO SAD! WHAH! but yet, it was good Aangst, i really enjoyed reading it. but it's just so sad when you read that he died and she's still alive...hopefully when he DOES kick Ozai's butt he'll be alive and healthy so that he CAN grow old. But anyway, anouther good story to add on to your collection.

~*White Fuzzy Ears*~
2/19/2007 c6 2amai-chestnut
Ah my lordy! That was my absolute favorite EVER in this 'series'. I loved this so much, I was this close -holds up fingers a centimeter apart- to bawling my brains out! TToTT

it's actually pretty realistic and something like that may just happen. Actually, even thought it would be nice to see a happy, peaceful, perfect ending in the Avatar show, (when it does finally end) it would leave me with much more closure if Aang died (sounds horrible doesn't it?) and kinda what your was like. Of course, he needs to have a few little airbending babies first (lol) and then it'll be more closure, but I'm rambling now. It was so sad, but I loved it! Awesome! Fantastic work! Keep it up

.miyuki ^_^
2/19/2007 c6 7SaraHeartsKataang
aw chap. 6 wa o cute but sad...aw i love it!
2/19/2007 c6 26AirGirl Phantom
Aw... How sweet! I think this is my favorite one so far. I loved it.
2/19/2007 c6 Josefine
Thank you for updating :) how cute, and a little sad :/ Cant wait to read more from you!
2/19/2007 c6 1LUKBY
That was a great chapter but a Little sad T.T
2/19/2007 c6 4KrystalFruit22
*aniff* That made me cry so hard! I mean it! *runs away sobbing*
2/19/2007 c6 126Invaderk
So bittersweet, but I love it. It shows the loss of was, doesn't it? Aang's mystery illness caught up with him.

Beautiful. Great job!
2/19/2007 c6 3Magnumus
Awesome Chapter, shame about Aang having to die ;(
2/19/2007 c6 9frozenheat
Ack, I came so close to crying.

Lovely piece of writing, I'm glad Aang got what he always wanted...
2/18/2007 c6 13MormonMaiden
Aw! Though I like the first considerably more than the second, both were warm and fuzzy making! Excellent job!
2/18/2007 c6 7crailis
That almost made me cry. ;_; Seriously.

You... your just wonderful. Thats the only way to express this chapter. Wonderful... -sigh-
2/18/2007 c1 Josefine
Naaw all of this fics are so cute :D Great job, you write so good. It´s so sweet but still belivible. Update asap :)
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