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4/2/2013 c1 Guest
Aokka is SUCH an asshole hes so controling over katara
3/7/2013 c20 whymisoshy
No one likes sad ending jtk (just to knoe)
1/21/2013 c6 Jennifer Ellis
HA! they had sex! but aang should have touched her boobs.
1/15/2013 c20 27The Melon Lord Approves
Oh man. That's a crazy-awesome perspective on TSR, because DAMN, Toph!
1/14/2013 c6 The Melon Lord Approves
1/9/2013 c8 Chaela
Why do you keep doing this to me D':
1/9/2013 c6 Chaela
That made me cry. No joke, I sobbed.
11/21/2012 c8 Guest
this is my version (not that your version is not good)
katara know it she know that now was her last chance her last chance to say to aang that her heart was from him that will always be like that and it was now or never. aang lay on his bed waiting for the end of his life katara sat next to him holding his hand. aang... yes katara? i just want to say that i love you i will never forget you my heart belongs to you...forever. i know it katara i love you to youre my true love you will always be in wich life i am you will be with me.. i just want to stay with you but i can't it is my time... but i now one thing we will be together again i will wait for you i promise. with those words katara begin to cry aang wiped her tears away and the kissed...it was the most passionate and lovely kiss ever. they broke apart and look in each other eyes. there was fear in their eyes and love happines and sorrow. i love you katara... with those words aang died... i love you to aang katara said while she begin to cry and falls down on aangs chest whitout letting his hand go. katara sat there untill sokka get her away from her 13 year old boyfriend. 3months past by and katara died everyone was sad but they know one thing that made them a little happy and that was that katara and aang would be together again. and just like aang had promised he was waiting for katara untill she came. they were happy together and when they were together again they kissed when they broke apart they said i love you and walked away hand in hand knowing that they will always be together and will never broke apart again. the end
(i am sorry if there any mistakes my english is not very good because i am from the netherlands)
so this was my version i hope you liked it and i have to say that you are a very good writer.
9/19/2012 c6 mcanonymous
this chapter is amazing and heartwrenching! soooo good!
8/22/2012 c20 coolmac1718
Please, write a second part of this where Aang rips into Zuko. And Katara too.

Like seriously, I hated both Zuko and Katara in this episode.
7/23/2012 c2 Avatar in the TARDIS
Too many word fascinating xD
6/25/2012 c6 2ladybrin
now that was an excellent chapter- i really loved the one entitled Real kisses- it had some of everything- and the kiss was written so real- I just like these two so much- thanks for writing
6/25/2012 c6 7kyunggy
You made me teary! Gah! :')
6/22/2012 c18 amituofomiamigo
I love this! Great (and accurate) depiction of Katara. It pleases me that not only is she stepping up in an unorthodox way, as is her nature, but that she gets to keep her mother's necklace. I'm sure Aang would wear his betrothal necklace proudly.
6/5/2012 c20 MarcellaDuchamp
I loved your collection of Kataang (though the Zutara ones really broke my heart)! The recent one from Toph's perspective is great too, because that episode always makes me feel bad for Aang, and also because I think Toph is more sensitive than people expect (or write her) which you captured well. I know its been a while since you've updated but I hope you write more!
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