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6/24/2010 c18 ms.diamondpearl
Oh my gosh that was beautiful and too sweet i was literally crying great story and i love your work
6/24/2010 c13 61Katia11
This series of one shots is wonderfully sexy, passionate and beautiful. :-)
6/24/2010 c11 ms.diamondpearl
Uh i know what you mean i getting tired of ffn because of all the zutara/kataang fighting its gets old.and ive been reading some of these zuatara stories and it seems that they give zuko aangs personality,thats why i feel like im just reading another kataang story when i do read them.they use they same excuses for the couple like; oppisites attract,aangs two years younger than katara,she would never fall for someone younger than her,katara can help zuko,bad boy gets the good hearted girl,or my personal favorite,aang is ugly ang zuko is way hotter. : @ wtfnot trying to bash or anything though but thats shallow zutarians but if i see another comment dispute im going to rant like hell!
6/24/2010 c9 ms.diamondpearl
It stories like this that make me question why katara doesnt think aang isnt as good looking as zuko jet or even her brother because in my opinion aang is very handsome
6/19/2010 c18 kalicious
Great job.
6/19/2010 c17 kalicious
6/19/2010 c16 kalicious
Aw, this is just the sweetest thing.
6/19/2010 c15 kalicious
Once again with the wise old people... Great job.
6/19/2010 c14 kalicious
Why is it that the old ones are always so wise? Can't we have a wise Miley Cyrus or Kesha?
6/19/2010 c13 kalicious
Great job,
6/19/2010 c12 kalicious
Great job. And was I the only one who was sickened by Aang's hair?
6/19/2010 c11 kalicious
Great job.
6/19/2010 c10 kalicious
Great job.
6/19/2010 c9 kalicious
This is SOOOO sweet,
6/19/2010 c8 kalicious
Great job. And your fic is making me tear up. Again. This is good.
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