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6/19/2010 c7 kalicious
Great job.
6/19/2010 c6 kalicious
*tears up* Great job
6/19/2010 c5 kalicious
6/19/2010 c4 kalicious
Poor Aangy.
6/19/2010 c3 kalicious
6/19/2010 c2 kalicious
Aw, that's SO adorable.
6/19/2010 c1 kalicious
Great job.
5/19/2010 c18 3Rast
I've always felt the same way about their proposal. It has much more emotion this way.
5/19/2010 c14 Rast
I was actually hoping something like this would happen in the show. Hah. Nicely done.
9/7/2009 c14 7chirp chirp
Nice Katara.

Hmm... Is this intended to lead us to believe Zuko has an oedipal complex?
8/22/2009 c11 2KagomeHig715
Oh My Lord..

I SO AGREE with you! I've been thinking the same stupid thing..

honestly I despise and hate Zutara fics...THey are Incredible boring..(not that I would read one)

Aang and Katara have chemistry.

and I wish people could see that.

and Someone needs to right a story like that because they're clouding up a good justfull relationship..

Katara and Zuko's relationship is platonic..I'd just rather see them make friends, then love..

But Katara and Aang...Holy Moly.. (especially older Aang) YOZAH! seriously they've been running around eachother and with practically feeling the tension build up behind my sockets I LOVE the fact that I can read you're stories.. along with all the authors you mentioned (You guys kick major Avatar Ass)

So..I guess I'm trying to thank you as an author to this wonderful fandom and giving us your beautiful and colorful stories...


In the words of Toph with some impervisions

' Go Kick some Firelord's(and his fandom with Katara)Butt!'

5/18/2009 c18 3katarainlove
i like how your thinking.i have thought about a proposal story for my book of kataang fanficthions and i liked your story.dont be surprised if i steal a idea or two from you.

yours truly katarainlove(with aang)a kataang worshiper
5/18/2009 c6 katarainlove
it was agood story but really sad.it litterly has me crying right now as i type this but then again all storys were ether aang or katara dies always makes me cry.that is why i usally avoid those kinds of storys.

yours truly katarainlove(with aang)a kataang worshiper
5/18/2009 c1 katarainlove
i know what you mean.there are not anof kataang episodes on.i have even started to right down my own kataang storys in a notbook that has kataang fanficthion writen on it.

yours truly katarainlove(with aang)a kataang worshiper
3/21/2009 c15 Avagrl-kataang-lova
Not sure if I get cp.15
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