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1/19/2009 c18 Kataangboy17
This was an interesting take on the marriage proposal and I liked it a lot. Its good for once Katara had the initiative to make the 1st move in their relationship.
1/19/2009 c11 Kataangboy17
OMG I completely agree with this entire little rant. I'm pretty new to this site and for a while all I thought people wrote were Zutara fanfics, and it drives me beserk. And to boot they always have Aang not involved or somehow NOT caring, which is straight up unbelievable.
1/16/2009 c18 20ManticSky
Aang wearing an engagement necklace? Why not a...say...oh, i don't know? Just why a necklace on a boy?

Wierd. But I loved these notheless.

You rock.


Akane Hasegawa
1/4/2009 c18 5Crystal Starling
Great story. I loved it
12/14/2008 c3 4StardustSComet
very very very VERY cute!
12/3/2008 c18 9GirlWaterShaman
Aw! : D

This made me feel all happy and fuzzy inside. X3
12/3/2008 c14 GirlWaterShaman

Yeah, Iroh is really wise.
11/17/2008 c4 2Celebrianna1
LOL I'm really enjoying this. So far I've read the first three chapters, and I love the way you balance humor with the rest of the story in the chapters. Nice job!
11/12/2008 c18 2Astra-The-Goddess
ha she asked him! how cute
11/12/2008 c18 Staccato Rhythm
Something tells me you succeeded in your plan :) Well done, very much enjoyed reading it.
11/12/2008 c18 Katsumara
Aww.. Adorable. Loved it.
11/12/2008 c18 The Mad shoe1
Awsome, i don't know why, but i am just such a sucker for stories where the female propose to the male.
11/11/2008 c8 7arizony
Amira, it is far too seldom that people get to make right, or even admit their mistakes in this manner. You have given the correct ending to Zutara. Sorry, to all you Zutarians out there. I love your work btw, and look forward to every update.
10/28/2008 c16 6WizKid94
absolutly fantastic! i love them all, but especially number 14! lol so short and bittersweet! i look foward to any updates!
10/26/2008 c16 42HeyItsMJ
I totally cried.

Damn. All the fluff I read is making me a mush-headed romantic :P

But that was SO good…
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