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10/22/2008 c16 5my trancey inspiration
Ah, Iroh. The bottomless pit of proverbial goodness.

I like her short and sweet explanation here, and Aang's immediate forgiveness is so, well, Aang. ;)

I too feel that Katara let her fears override her true feelings. I tried to dismantle that occurence in my story.

I remember watching DoBS when he kissed her, and clapping and cheering 'yay she kissed him back'! And then I saw the trailer with the EIP kiss and I got my hopes up. I actually started writing a fic after that related to the kiss but never posted it. When I saw the episode I was shocked, and needless to say my fic met the delete button. I didn't expect that reaction from her. It so needed to be elaborated on in the finale. Thank God for fanfiction...
10/22/2008 c16 2Astra-The-Goddess
AW! HEY YOU GOT AN AUDIENCE! Great story and update soon!
10/22/2008 c16 22Liooness
that was so sweet. great job!
10/22/2008 c16 78Liselle129
Wow, it's like you were answering my last review! Thanks for this. It was great and made me tear up at points.

I admit to feeling a little deja vu with these two chapters, though. They read a bit like my Love Led Us Here from Magic Kingdom.
10/21/2008 c16 Katsumara
Fantastic pair of chapters in 15 and 16. Loved em both. Keep up the good work. =]
10/21/2008 c16 7arizony
Excellent story. I have to tell you that as a guy (and like most guys I have been shot down) you have described Aang's emotions and actions perfectly. Any guy, except someone who is so full of themselves that there isn't a hat big enough to contain their head and ego, would feel and act the same way that Aang did when Katara said what she did in EIP, and when she acted the way she did in your story. Thank you for a well written and well thought out story.
10/21/2008 c14 arizony
Ah, the wisdom that comes with age... :o)
10/21/2008 c12 arizony
So many writers don't truly understand the feelings that go through someone who is about to go to war, to enter a battle. You have caught it perfectly. I had the chance to meet a couple of WW-II war brides when my first ship was in New Zealand. Their stories of love amongst the feelings of never seeing their beloved again and their claiming the moments before possibly never seeing their boyfriends and husbands again...You have captured it perfectly.
10/21/2008 c10 hpandavatarfan
"But Aang rose with both" i thing there's a little hidden meaning there... xD lol great job on all of the chapters so far. I just didn't feel like leaving 10 reviews in a row so I'm going to review now and maybe again later. But anyway, great job! :)
10/21/2008 c15 78Liselle129
Ah, yes, nice idea. Now if we only knew exactly how and when she made it up to him. The end of the finale certainly didn't cut it.
10/21/2008 c15 2CptData
Hm, I like your oneshots, they're short, but sweet and nice to read.

Only two things ;)

- keep writing

- make them a bit longer. I love reading oneshots with at least 10 words ;)
7/4/2008 c14 vucizalis
There should be more Kataang fanfiction like this.
4/18/2008 c14 8Kumori Doragon
Three things:

1:Bemused means confused. I think you're going for amused.

2:Please note if there's a spoiler for any unaired US episodes. Some of us are still holding out and don't appreciate spoilers.

3:Great! Loved it! Made me smile and laugh after a long, tough day. Thanks. :D

4/15/2008 c14 12Absolutely Unsure
oh...this is SO cute! i LURVE Iroh...he's just too awesome for words ^^

4/15/2008 c14 29nooneheretowrite
Ah...even that little blurb made me smile.

You must be awesome considering that this few sentence chapter made me laugh too. Great job!
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