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for Not another Lord of the Rings parody

3/8/2010 c12 Kittifreak
Oh, my God. This was so dang hilarious. You rock man!
3/8/2010 c2 Kittifreak
Gimli son of Groin serves Frodo with his ass! I'm so glad I'm not the only one who was thinking that when I watched the movie. XD
5/10/2007 c7 4WinterRayne
"...then Legolas does his sweet flip thingy and lands in front of Gimli..." that was pretty sweet! i realise that this chapter was poasted a while ago but had to agree w/ the flip thing
4/13/2007 c11 33halfdemon-kai
Dude that was so totally wicked! I loved the whole entire thing because it made me laugh SO hard! I was in Science class and my teacher looked at me like I was insane because I was laughing at the computer. Lmao. It was pretty amusing. :D:D Lol. So to make me read something DURING class is pretty amazing 'cause I usually do my work when I have the chance... or look up pictures. :D:D Lol. So that's proof to both of you that I really enjoyed this fanfic and look forward to your harry potter one if you choose to write it. :D:D Well Naruto's on right now so I better watch it. :D:D Thanks for writing this. :D:D It was amazing.

4/6/2007 c11 ringbearingreasergal
WOW! The end of the legacy huh? That was so cool! After the HP fic, make a Pirates one kay? That was too good! Now I go to read it over, ha ha!
4/6/2007 c10 ringbearingreasergal
OMG this is so funny as per usual! PLease update soon! Love teh superman bit. Lol, yay!
4/5/2007 c10 sunshineSketches
love it. so much fun to read. i love reading this. makes my day. update soon please! :)
4/5/2007 c11 2LeiLeiFrauLeiLei
Yes! Harry Potter parody! I can't wait Jordan!
4/5/2007 c11 14Super Tinfoil Man Part 2
I was reading chapter 11 when I realised that I wasn't reading Star Wars afterall.
4/5/2007 c10 33halfdemon-kai
Dude that was so frigging hilarious! xD I read it in Science class because the finlly unblocked the site so Grace and I are SO happy. xD Lol. Alright, well lunch is soon and then we go to a badminon tournament. :D:D We're excited to wish us luck. :D:D I really hope to be able to read the net chapter soon. :D:D

4/5/2007 c11 1Saeros
Little kids cause so much chaos.

Tequila apple-bobbing sounds fun!

Funny last chapter.
4/2/2007 c10 2LeiLeiFrauLeiLei
3/17/2007 c9 33halfdemon-kai
Lmao. Man am I dumb, I read the last chapter, and thought it was the most recently updated so I said update soon when you already had. Lol. That's funny. Well that was a good chapter. Lol. I love how you guys make Sam sound so gay. xD It's so funny. Lmao. So yeah, I really liked this chapter and am in deep hopes that this really is the most recently updated chapter. Lol. 'Cause we all know how dense halfdemon-kai can be. xDxD So even though it's only been like 15 minutes since I read the last chapter, I got the information I needed for that dream job thing, and changed it from making the plot lines in video games to an author because the author thing sounds so much easier. Lol. And it was a quick research. xDxD alrght, well please updat this when you feel like it whenever you get over your major writor's block. Lol. You really have to hate that stupid writer's block. xDxD Alright, well bye bye again! XD

3/17/2007 c8 halfdemon-kai
The end of that was totally awesome! I loved it! Ahahaha! xD I was laughing so friggin hard! xD I really loved that chapter. Lol. Come with me if you want to die... I mean live! xD that's perfect. I don't see how you come up with all this stuff. Lol. It's always hilarious! Lol. Well that was another pawesome chapter and I still haven't done that esearch yet. Lol. I better get some before my mom gets home. xD Alright, well I'll talk to you later. :D:D Bye bye!


PS. Please update whenever you get the chance to. :D:D
3/17/2007 c9 15Ringbearingreasergal
hahaha! Dude this is so freaking funny! Please update soon!
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