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2/18/2017 c1 SortingHat
Thanks for trolling! I hate it when authors make a fic just for attention then abandon it probably because it's not liberal enough.

And a big F-you!
7/27/2014 c1 TheE eLf QuEeN
Dude u need to update or people will lose interest which would b a shame , coz I enjoyed the first chapter and who knows if someone else did...hope u put more chapters up
10/31/2011 c1 Svinka the Ocean Wanderer
As an Aussie this story made me cringe something terrible. I don't know where to start. First, we have no Outback International Airport. Google is your friend. Personally, an outback-based airport would be either in Alice Springs, Yulara, Tennant Creek or Coober Pedy, to name a few. You’ve made it sound like Australia is some piddly little country in the middle of the ocean. It’s not. We’re slightly smaller than the US mainland in terms of area size and contains 90% desert, with almost 85% of our population living (or moving to live) in the south-east.

I had to laugh, though, when Victoria and Andrea see something shiny and that they just have to break off from the main group for a closer look? I'm sure the words "Let's get a closer look!" have been uttered more than once by those in a rental 4WD as they come across a narrow sandy track leading them into the middle of bugger-all, drive down it until they run out of fuel and die ‘cause they left the vehicle in search of help. It's a peeve of mine when we get dumb tourists wandering off on their own and getting themselves killed because they're too stupid or cocky to know better. I can only hope these stupid teens run into another Ivan Milat. That is how much I really care about them.

Now, after reading this story, I have to go and write my own, as a persistent plot bunny will not leave me alone.
2/24/2011 c1 2noodlepancake
I hope since you ended with a cliffie you wont make us suffer by waiting a long time for the next chapter! i like this story so far so please update soon :)
3/16/2010 c1 3Mystic Archer Horse
Um...If you don't want people to not read this fanfic, then you 'might' want have more than one chapter and don't take two or more years between updates. It sounds like I may like it. However, with just one chapter posted, it is quite impossible to tell.
10/10/2007 c1 Diamondflame
I like it so far... very interesting...
4/27/2007 c1 5Sparrowflight
Hmm, this is interesting. I'll be watching for an update!
3/12/2007 c1 deletedaccount999
This is exellent! Does the CAB really exist? I'm Australian and i've never heard of it but i live in WA and we don't here about much! I'm so exited this is a great start and i've been wanting to read a story like this for ages!

~Voronda Herenya~
1/30/2007 c1 2Jennfire
waiting patently, *cough* not, for your next chapter
1/29/2007 c1 Blackangel90
Seems to be a good storie.. please update soon! Kramar
1/28/2007 c1 4Alliehalliwell
Oh. Why'd she scream?

I like how you chose a different location, as opposed to many of the other stories out there. I'm curious as to why the parents changed their minds about letting their daughter go when they were at first hesitant. Did I miss this fact or have you not mentioned it yet?

Either way, I'm intrigued and waiting for the update. Good job!
1/28/2007 c1 2thewhitechickoj
I really like your story so far! I can't wait to read your update!
1/28/2007 c1 a5632dgh
O0o. Veddy interesting. The intrigue has taken me ... must ... long .. for .. next chapter..

Will Victoria and Andrea be captured by some evil, unknown force? Will we discover why these two girls, supposedly from separate parts of the world, look so much alike? What is so wonderful about melted butter?

Hopefully, these questions and more will be answered in the next chapter.

Okay sorry for this weird freaking review. I'm just really bored and I want to read more lmfao.
1/28/2007 c1 LOCISVU
I told myself to try and read other stories(besides slash).So,here I am.
1/28/2007 c1 4Ranawe217
Cool chap! Can't wait to read more.

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