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2/12/2011 c1 GZZAHAVJKD
I love your writing style, and Wilbur Whateley's "voice" is hilarious.

Gotta love the Whateleys! :)
1/30/2007 c1 AD222
I loved this story just as much as your other Lovecraftian tales! It was really well-done and the humour was terrific as always. Please write more or update your older stories - this was brilliant!

What I liked best about the whole thing was that you brought the Old Ones and the Deep Ones together - and, of course, you had Wilbur Whateley whom I think you do better than anyone else on this board (though as you've said, poor Wilbur is sadly neglected by too many writers around here). I also found Cassie (even though she was a Deep One and I usually don't like them as much as the Old Ones) surprisingly likable and funny and I hope she'll feature in some future works of yours.

Honestly, I think you should consider publishing these stories in a magazine like "Dark Wisdom" or "Weird Tales." They don't mind blatantly Lovecraftian fiction and if they didn't sell this stuff, there would certainly be something wrong with their standards.

All the best,

Arthur Delapore

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