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for Broken Hearts Mending

2/23/2013 c1 17SerpentEmpress
2/16/2008 c1 ooosk
I absolutely love this! Wonderful characterization!
12/24/2007 c1 Roch0ester
I seriously cried. Seriously. That was absolutely beautiful, and this deserves so many more reviews than it has gotten! SO much emotion and plot so well distributed in a one shot. The best, as always, Madam Bellatrix! :) Happy HOlidays!
9/18/2007 c1 7asdfghjklqwertyui
I really loved this story. It potrays Bella brillantly and also shows her in a softer nature. The romance is written well too.
3/18/2007 c1 8LeiaSedai and Umi-Chan
A little sappy, but we all need a little sap now and then. I loved the whole thing, especially how you made the reader see through both of the their eyes as the misunderstanding came to light.

Write On!

2/25/2007 c1 You guys need a delete button
It was almost cute until you realise which characters these were...still, good fic. ;-)
2/3/2007 c1 12Narcissa B Malfoy
Bella and Rodolphus are so cute! Even when they are arguing and insecure! I love how you have them here! And also how Cissa and Lucius are the conspiring friends!

Great work as per usual Bella! Keep it up!

~Narcissa B Malfoy~
2/2/2007 c1 2Jub's In Black
Aw, I want Rodolphus so bad!

very cute, I love to see him so vulnerable and insecure... Bella is probably the only one who can do that...

loved it!

kisses =*

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