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12/18/2007 c1 11Autumns Whisperer
Very beautifully written. I luv everything you put into it. It really felt like I was watching the scene. Again- exquisite work- really...
10/4/2007 c1 36gizzymoon
Again just beautiful. I almost cried. I can't imagine what you must have been going through as you wrote this. I can believe that it was heaertbreaking for you.

My favorite line

To anyone else the two of them sitting there may have been the image of two friends enjoying the warmth of the fire when they couldn't sleep, or maybe even a couple who were so in love that they couldn't sleep so they sat by each other wasting away the hours in which they could be snuggled in bed (much preferring the presence of each other instead).
8/31/2007 c1 13ImpNo1
well that was depressing. :( not bad, just depressed me. lol

keep up the good work or my cat will sleep on your face
7/4/2007 c1 5katezilla
aw that was so sad...geez ROn is stupid...just tell her, right? Oh well. it was good. I wasnt expecting her to tear up teh letter!
6/18/2007 c1 12paulalou
i think its bout time i left you a review dont you think!

i loved the imagry of hermione on the floor by the bin i could see it so clearly.


2/19/2007 c1 5Sailor X1
Kudos for talent!

I was reading this and thinking the entire time that Ron was going to need to pull something outrageously clever out of his butt for Hermione to take him back. Then, when he didn't pull anything clever out, I was afraid I was going to be disapointed with a very unrealistic and improbable ending.

Instead, you gave it a PHENOMINAL ending by completely throwing me for a loop and having her walk away! I was definitely NOT expecting that, which made it all the more wonderful to read, despite the fact I love R/Hr.

Everything was so realistic. Biggest mistake of her life or not, there was no way Hermione could have taken him back. Very well written. I'll be sure to check out more of your stuff.

-Sailor X1

P.S. Your profile says that if we ask, you shall read... so if you get the chance, I would greatly appreciate it if you checked out my fic 'When Your Life Is An Epilogue.' I'd appreciate it.
2/16/2007 c1 92miarae
You seriously NEED to make this into a story because it's just too heartwrenching to let it end like this. They belong together and you know it! *glare*. Please please please write more!
2/9/2007 c1 weasleygirl-ca
An awesome one-shot! So very sad, it makes my heart ache. It's so sad that they both want to say the same thing but neither one can. Ron was being rather stupid, wasn't he, but yet, it makes sense for Ron to get scared that things were getting to serious. I love all the description and interaction between Ron and Harry too.

""What the hell were you thinking?" Harry bellowed at him loudly." my thoughts exactly until he explains himself, of course. Silly boy. "Ron's face fell a bit more with each rip she made." that broke my heart! And the part where Ron decides not to explain himself to Hermione was just tragic. As always, amazing work! Weasleygirlca.
2/4/2007 c1 10KaleyRenee
Aw...that was SO sad..! But it was so well-written! And you used "neither" with "nor!" [Sorry, that's like one of my biggest pet peeves] Ahh, I loved it!
2/4/2007 c1 5MasochistandNarcissistFan
Hey! It's been awhile lol. Wow, I can't even think what to say to this. It was so so sad but I found myself love it at the same time. I felt bad for both of them. I mean Hermione definitely deserves to be mad at Ron because of what he did. But still near the end, I found myself sympathizing for a little, just because she didn't even read his letter, but then again she was mad. oh yeah, this actually reminded me of the Last Kiss lol yeah not really important but i kept thinking about why it seemed familiar. I never got a chance to read the original. Anyway, I thought this was heartbreaking but great. Nice job! :)

~hpchick1516 aka Heather
2/4/2007 c1 HoldingOnToHim
it was good writing but i hated the ending...i hate sad endings...i dont get them...life is depressing without fiction bringing us down too...
2/3/2007 c1 Bonnie Radcliffe
Is it a one-shot? Please, say that it isn't! It can't end like this! T_T It's not fair for them that if they love each other they can't be together! :( I know Ron was a total prat, but it can't end like this! My heart went to Hermione in this fic! T_T
2/3/2007 c1 LyssaGranger
Oy! I was reading it and totally being torn apart by the angst and I was like "I swear I've read this before" and so kept trying figure out if I was just going crazy or if I actually read it. So I went through the obvious ones:

-Did she tell me about it once, in an email?

-Did I read something similar by someone else?

-Am I just crazy psychic?

Of course - the very obvious ones never hit me. So it wasn't until the second last paragraph that I said "Oh! She probably just reposted it." DUH.

Anyway! Even though I had read it before it was just as good the second time as it was the first! Totally angsty! My heart tore in two when Hermione was walking away. Stupid Ron! He should have just said HERMIONE I LOVE YOU! We all know it's true. Eesh! Stupid Ron!

Right. So. Moving on. This was lovely! Very tearfilled angsty goodness! What more could a girl ask for!

Much Luv
2/2/2007 c1 338The Sacred and Profane
Excellent. The ending was depressing though. Anyway, keep up the good work.
2/2/2007 c1 1hermioneweasley1893
Loved it! I felt bad that for Ron, but more for Hermione.

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