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4/29/2013 c5 1ZylerLee
Im guessing that this story died a premature death as it has not been updated in over 6 years. This makes me incredibly sad as it is perhaps one of the best matrix stories I have read so far.
11/18/2008 c5 2Nahala Riddle
OMGTHISISSOAWESOME! You write Smith really well- it's almost like you ARE him. I love your story and plot, and especially Smith- he's just awesome!
10/27/2008 c5 10Lexdian
Swet concept are you gonna do more? I wanna see how this ends. Nice that you managed to use the gradual humanisation in the character to good effect.
7/13/2008 c5 badkidoh
very good. i look forward to your next update.
8/22/2007 c5 meg
It's interesting that how people/things have changed or unchanged from the sixth Matrix. I'm looking forward to the next. What Merovingian does this time? Does he remember former versions? I'm very curious.

I like this phrase from chapter five: "I made the world cry for me, as no mere individual had ever bothered to do."
6/16/2007 c5 creativesm75
huh? i am confused. great. I like the movie, but i am confused by it and now, the fanfiction is also confusing... ah well.
2/12/2007 c5 5persephonevii
Chapter 4 had an interesting feature about Smith being too imaginative and emotional- he certainly seems it in the movie. Eloquent, dramatic and freaking out like a human. You got the Kid right too- chatty, inquistive and annoying.

And in your author note- what did you mean? Plus I'm not sure allows you to devote an entire chapter sector to author's notes.
2/8/2007 c4 Doc olena five
like it! write more!
2/5/2007 c3 persephonevii

Your fic has intriguing plot possibilities. Agent Smith does seem kind of nice which is a bit OOC, he also has an air of remorse which is very much un-Smithish. Do you have an explanation for this? Does it have something to do with his being freed? Another thought, wouldn't Morpheus and Trinity freak out and try to kill Neo-Smith? Especially after the pounding he gave poor old Morpheus and Neo?

Anyway, besides that OOC the plot itself is rather interesting. And the references to 'Mother'. Is she really a rogue program? I thought she wouldn't because she had a hand in the making of the Matrix and it could be possible she is still required in some way, but making her rogue does seem right. She sounds like the sort of being who's on the run or at least in hiding for some crazy, only a program would understand sort of reasn.

In summary, you have good idea for a plot but my one niffle is Smith's OOC. I don't mind if he is slightly OOC, this is AU and exceptions can be made.


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