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9/10 c64 Venus
I just can't with the fact that people DO dress like absolute prostitutes for attention Moony my poor baby.
7/22 c87 Mal
Even if you're never able to update this fic again, I'm so glad I read it. This is one of the best marauder fics out there. God, it's so good. Your writing and characterisation is wonderful.

Thank you thank you thank you! Really appreciate you writing and sharing such an awesome story.
7/22 c86 Mal
Damn! I cried at the image of the silver fox curled up next to her ear. That scene, this entire chapter was powerful.
7/22 c85 Mal
oh god. I teared up when Serius started talking about their future. I love these two so, so much.
7/21 c79 Mal
I've gotta say, I just adore how you skip over the potentially boring parts such as tutoring, and get to the fun! I really enjoy your writing stile. You have such a lovely flow of drama, fun, seriousness and fluffieness.
7/21 c76 Mal
Seriously! best.! pranks! Ever!
7/19 c61 Mal
Loved the prank and reactions!
7/19 c60 Mal
7/19 c56 Mal
I kept getting choked up through this chapter. You've got such a wonderful way with words.
7/19 c55 Mal
Yes! Padfoot!
7/17 c35 Mal
You come up with the best pranks!
7/17 c26 Mal
Omg! This was so funny. thank you for writing and sharing this lovely fic. I laughed aloud quite a few times throughout this chapter. :D
7/16 c21 Mal
7/16 c19 Mal
Fuck. This chapter has me crying. I love how protective they are over their friend.
5/21 c54 Guest
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