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for Casting Moonshadows

8/17 c87 FullySoPhantom
I can't believe this is the second time I read this and it hits me just as hard in my soul. For real, I love your story, Moonsing. Is a lovely interpretetion of the Marauders. The firts years, with the guys as kids are SO adorable. Both times I'd cried with baby Remus, Sirius protective instinct, the firts steps of that friendship. God
My point is I miss this history so much, and I'll be waiting for a final as long as it takes. Thank you so much, Moonsing, for this. Please keep writing
7/12 c59 Lena
“A shaft of moonlight slanted through the window and he flung back his head and screamed.” That sentence makes me shiver everything I read it! Simply amazing. You are very talented at writing!
6/6 c1 kennascott0
5/12 c1 1messrs07
i have continued a fan fic by weasley twins4eva-Marauders and marauders. The original marauder's
get stuck in the third generation marauder's time!
4/24 c35 Lena
The last two paragraphs are going to make me cry! How are you so good at writing?!
4/19 c87 leoSign
I'm sorry, but where?..
Or it's all?..
Sorry if i write not right, i don't know english wery well.
Thank you for it.
4/4 c3 cl9763
So anything that differs from canon setting is original? That works~
4/2 c84 Goose Squirrel
love it. All the feels
3/16 c63 CrazyFangirl
3/7 c87 ThaliaRose16
This entire story has been an amazing journey - not to mention I've already read it at least 4 times. The effort and love put into this book is nothing short of remarkable. I am wondering if you were up to making some more, if so please email me
3/2 c87 monswolff1
First time commenting and created an account just for doing it (created two, same username, just using the twt one ups, let's deal with the one) I LOVE THIS FANFIC it's been YEARS, 2015? and then at 2017 with The Mischief Managers I loved it even more. Thank you SO MUCH for keep updating it.
Casting Moonshadows is my favourite fanfiction ever and will defend it with my life if necessary.

Fangirlism aside, Do you mind if I translate it to Spanish and publish it on AO3? obviously with all the credits and the tittle as 'Casting Moonshadows' and not the translation to spanish.

If you ever get to see this I'll seriously, I basically grew up reading and loving your work, I cannot be more thankful to you.
2/19 c87 They-Who-Must-Be-Named
Hi, I know I'm a bit late but I just finished reading this and it's an absolute masterpiece. I love how your writing style is pretty consistent despite this having gone on for years. I've been researching the marauders and so far pretty much everything checks out, although I distinctly remember Hogsmeade described as located in Britain, so Hogwarts wouldn't be in Scotland I don't think. Beautifully written, I'm glad I read this, it was worth every second! Are you on hiatus of some sort? Or have you left this? Or are your breaks between chapters normally this long? It's been over a year, so I figured I might ask. Great work xx
2/1 c87 2brandileigh2003
I just binge read over last week and I loved it so much. Great characterization and flow. Love the wolfstar relationship. I hope you decide to complete!
1/30 c1 Guest
Er….. hello..
I loved your fanfiction. I read it once a while ago but though…. HEY. LETS GIVE THIS A SHOT.
(So yea- I’m turning 12 on the 9 happy birthday to me)
1/26 c87 Samirah
Please update!
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