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6/25/2007 c1 2pearlseed
Howdy from Tejas, Auzziewitch. Thanks for the words-I'm not sure if I understand the divided camps of Sparrobeth or Willabeth, but your view was interesting. I actually like the old guv pretty much, what you wrote sounds just like him, his thoughts.

I like seeing how different authors write about Will, he's a complex young man, I'm thinking much closer to your age than Mr. Bloom's actual.

He is one of those still water boys, with those deep running feelings/thoughts. Your words flow very nicely, easy to read and follow. I'm of the less is more school on smooching, etc. Elisabeth is one of those fine young woman who, in the 70's as I grew up, we'd say was "liberated', always more delightful that the girly girls for me. I intend to read more of your work because this first bit piqued my interest. Tanks shile,(cajun grandmother for thanks child). Fair winds and a following sea, Pearlseed (the irritant placed in the oyster to form the beautiful gem)
2/6/2007 c1 3golfgoddess93
I LOVED IT!:) It's so great to see another Willabeth author...has anybody told you about our little Willabeth safe haven? It's called Check it out!:) Again...LOVED IT!

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