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for Tug of Warren

9/7/2007 c22 west coast smoker
Wow! you are mean! Leaving us hanging with such a cilffie!

well, the waiting is worth it. Changing the subject... Great chapter! Loved it! It didn't even cross my mind the "partner in crime" was Prue, very good! So I guess you'll take some time to update, ormaybe not, still: Update Soon!

Bye, and take care
9/7/2007 c22 cherrylilly
Who is the partner in crime?

I have to know

Oh sweet excitement:)

I hope Phoebe returns soon

Great chapter

Plz update soon:):)
9/6/2007 c22 lilmiznicky
please update !
9/6/2007 c22 11Dark Destiny 1329
konban wa

Why would Prue want to help Cole's mother? At least, I'm assuming it's Prue, you know - since that's who it was in your other fic. Speaking of that... I still think of that ending every once in a while. I can totally picture it - the baby's form swaddled in orbs and Cole holding him... I randomly get that picture in my head. *grin*

Gute nacht

9/6/2007 c22 2ShadowWren
great story! Awsome way of dragging Cole back into the mix and kudos for bringing the unamed halliwell child back. It always pissed me off the way that brad kern and the writers just wrote the baby out of the series, and in such a superficial and cheap way too! Great job, but I have a question... Is the person that appears to the gang Prue?
9/6/2007 c22 MAD DOGG
nice couple of chappies lol

plz update soon n dnt worry bowt college lol
9/6/2007 c22 18Liv Marie
Oww man!

You are going to kill me ya know?


This time will pass, only 'cuz your last update came very quickly.

Can't wait to see what's up with Phoebe. And what's all this stuff about Cole's mom.

So hurry up kiddo! Time is money... and I don't have any of those. =P
9/6/2007 c22 lizardmomma
my guess is that it is Prue...nice job only it was a little short
9/6/2007 c22 Joleca
9/6/2007 c22 35mandymoore1
wow great chapter wander who it is this just keeps getting better and better
9/5/2007 c22 5Silvermoon77
"Cole: Ooh, scary.

Paige: (smacks his arm) Shut up."

Haha this chapter made me laugh. Good way to tie it up with Firstborn. And thanks for updating so soon! Can't wait for more.
9/5/2007 c21 35mandymoore1
wow So i guess Phoebe's going to find out she's warens mother great chapter can't wait for more
9/5/2007 c21 coleen turner
poor warren. its so frustrating for him. all he wants to know who is his mother i hope he finds out soon . update soon as possible
9/5/2007 c21 cherrylilly
I love it

This is so exciting

I can t wait until she finds out who his mother is :)

I just hope she breaks up with Coop:)

And I also can t wait until Warren finds out what all the "things" are.

My favorite chapter (so far)

:) :)
9/5/2007 c21 lizardmomma
so how is she going to heart out to find his mother when she is his mother? that should be interesting to see.
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