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3/30/2016 c10 Guest
very very good
5/28/2012 c9 3ErikLover12345
I looooove this why can't there be moe Charles Dance/Yeston Kopit fanfics? And also more phanfics like this! You did great
11/18/2011 c10 LadyCavalier
AWESOME! I am sad it is over. That was perfect, by the way, on some...erm...certain part. Just enough, but not too much. It was chaste almost, not really lust, but love.

-sigh- And once again, we find in the treasure trove of fanfiction another way it could have -SHOULD have, been. How come so many of us can get it right, but guys like Leroux and Yeston and Kopit just can't? Well, YOU certainly got it right. And I (and Erik and Christine I am sure) are so grateful that you did.
11/18/2011 c8 LadyCavalier
Beautiful, emotional, moving, and MUCH better than the original version!
11/18/2011 c7 LadyCavalier
Oh, my dear author. T_T I am so sorry no one is reviewing. This is a great story. Trust me, I know. I have read a lot of fanfictions, and yoursis wonderful. I hope you know that.
11/18/2011 c6 LadyCavalier
WEEEEEEE! ^U^ Is this enough feedback for you? I LOVE it! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! This is way better than the original story! I have to see what happens next!
11/18/2011 c5 LadyCavalier
I love your writing so much! I can tell you must speak a different language, but it is all understandable, and the story is worth the reading. You make me very happy.
11/18/2011 c2 LadyCavalier
Wonderful! I do not have time to share with you my happiness at reading this story, because I am in such a hurry to read the next chapter! ^u^
7/1/2011 c10 Gone5566
BRAVA BRAVA BRAVA! This was amazing when I saw Erik get shot I was like (GREAT he dies) but when I saw him alive I was so happy. You did a stupendis job writing this story I'm so sorry I didn't read it when you were writing it cause I didn't know of it and I'm sordove new on fanfiction. Also I'm planning on writing a Phantom story, but the Charles Dance version (He's my favorite out of all of them lol). So Wonderful job and keep up the good work on your other stories. :)
11/14/2009 c1 JediMasterAnya
So well written. Each character described beautifully.
2/9/2008 c10 13Kaya Nah
I read this phic three times already (sorry it's my first review)... Each time I read it, I enjoy it more and more. :D

Loved it. :)

4/16/2007 c9 phantomfan
I like the point of view you use to describe the thoughts of every character, especially Erik's! "And for the first time in his life Erik felt that he wasn’t born as a mistake to this world" That is something that DEFINATELY Erik would think and you give it so simply but at the same time shows the depth of feelings that he's having so perfectly. I like your story very much and the way you molded it. The only thing i want to mention is that perhaps you could improve some previous chapters with adding more scenes between Erik-Christine that shows us how their relationship grown to love. Some background stories from the past maybe, some portraying of the time they spent together during the lessons that actually lead them to that kind of emotion and after that identifying it and accepted it. Love is something that i believe for Erik's case is difficult to deal with if you are forced in a life of loneliness such as his! Just the thought: "I'll die if i have to endure the feeling of rejection...again" especially from someone that he loves. So i want to see denying it first too! I hope I didn't tire you or make you feel uncomfortable with my comments! After all is your story and i like it as I said before! And I am waiting to see the next day! if you know what i mean!hehe!
4/6/2007 c9 Moon
YAY! Go Eric! sigh I love when he gets the girl (I hope he keeps her!) I can see a heated confortation coming. I can't wait to read on please update your story soon, it is very good.

3/26/2007 c8 1Kalaia
Love the new chapter! Post soon please!
3/20/2007 c7 Amunett
I really like this fic and will be adding it to my faves!

Can't wait to see the next chapter!
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