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YAYA! *fist pumps* ZUTARA!
11/28/2012 c8 Please delete this act. thanks
that was precious
5/21/2011 c31 17SnoopyGirl213
All the dribbles were awesome
2/28/2009 c31 14AryaEragonPrincessShadeslayer
You're a verygood writr! Luvd it!
12/2/2008 c31 12zutarababe
yay! ^^ zutara!
12/2/2008 c16 zutarababe
hahahahaha zuko the wife tamer...
12/1/2008 c7 zutarababe
7/16/2008 c11 BluePaint15
Hmm... Zuton and Kalona... Zuko and Katara... well... this is an interesting similarity. Coincidence? I think... NOT! Anyway, this was a pretty dramatic, almost tragic drabble. I'm SO glad Zuko got to Katara before the poor girl killed herself. So much fluff... I love it! One thing I must point out, though. This story carried a "Shakespearean" theme. It was almost like Romeo and Juliet, but without the major tragedy. But it's great anyway. Keep up the good work :).
6/11/2008 c31 6Jinnx
Dance is defitaly my favorite. I loved it. I liked all of them. You did a really good job. mayhem :)
2/24/2008 c9 Dragon Jadefire
Poor Zuko. He didn't mean to. It was an accident. He loves her. Poor guy.
1/27/2008 c4 3o0Che0o
I like these drabbles so far. Keep it up.
11/7/2007 c28 hiccup9192
much much better :D
9/25/2007 c31 6whitehitsugaya
ah loved it. update soon!
9/23/2007 c31 Dragon Jadefire
I like the Zutara kiss at the end.
9/23/2007 c31 toonfan820
o WOW...zuko was MAD jealous! lmfaoxD...update soon!
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