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7/6/2012 c8 23gizmo5225
I like it! There aren't many HP beyblade fanfics, so I love when I find one like this. I like it! Thanks for a good Tory!
2/13/2011 c8 SilverWhiteDragon
and harry is just a spoiled bitchy prat who needs a reality check, lol
1/2/2011 c8 3andysanime
Really good job on this story.
6/17/2010 c8 NejiKoriKaze
cool. you should finish the story
9/3/2008 c8 goldenlilies
U think I was dying of laughter near the end Imean

-Leaving so soon?

-We’re off to catch an insatiable, very stupid, moronic murderer bent on having our blood to fulfill a petty prophecy so he could rule the bloody damn world

-family matters held us back

-A really really dumb n weird Harryy

-Some people just have all the luck.

I love you it was reallyfunny near the end
4/25/2008 c8 3Anime-rocks-and-you-know-it
That was such a cool story! Johnny and Erique are rellated xD!

Luved it!
2/21/2008 c8 10Soten-ni-zase
Harry quit being an as$hole and awesome story!
9/13/2007 c8 4Ikustizen
Hm. Good, but it was a little short. No matter, you tied things up nicely.

Harry acts like a brat. .

:) I'm glad bryan is the main character. I love him! When he's not hurting Rei, of course.

Keep Writing!

8/2/2007 c8 5TwinPhoenixOfDark
that is one awesome fic even though it was pretty short

good luck Johnny...youre related to Enrique so youre gonna need it XD

i really dont like Harry MUWAHAHAHAHAHA XD
7/19/2007 c8 IHaveADemonFoxInsideMe

what's wrong w/ being related to Enrique? The only thing I can see is that you wouldn't be able to date him...(Johnny: =O.O=(blush XD))

...its times like these that I thank god that I have a small family! lol
5/3/2007 c7 11Butterfly-winged Rat
o.0 Fanfic na Fanfic talaga.
5/2/2007 c8 2AwkwardPause
This was such a good story, too bad it had to end though...and yes cheers to the new HP movie and book, Rupert Grint rocks my world!anyhoo great story, I loved it so much!

5/2/2007 c8 mooncrisispower0
1. that was two short

2. Harry's not like that

and 3. that was a bad ending
4/6/2007 c6 Di- again

Eh, what the hell... -shrugs-

Ja. Slightly out of character. Just put in more scowls and inject the anger and irritation in there somewhere.
3/30/2007 c6 3Mistress Persephone
OH man I'm crying 4rm laughter pleaz keep on writing it's a really good story that need TLC
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