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for Harry Potter and the Prophesized Six

7/27 c65 Miss Millie
Its been a long time! It's so close to being finished. I don't know how many times I have read your story, Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease a few more chapters and you can come to the end so you will have written 2 HP stories. Good luck with all you do?
7/8 c65 casey lord
I want this another squeal Please and thank you
7/6 c65 ETHAN
7/4 c1 nayin1704
please please please update SOON
5/11 c65 Guest
Nooooooooo you have to finish this please OMG or send me your drafts and ideas and I'll write send it to you for good confirmation that way we all get to see how this ends. PLEASE
5/4 c13 DancingKitty
A really good story. But did you really have to make Ron so clueless? Are you seriously telling me he wouldn't try to do something special for Hermione on her birthday?!
He's a teenager sure, but he isn't stupid and completely inconsiderate. Also, isn't it considered rude for parents to comment on how much someone eats? His friends can tease him but for James to say he'll save half of the food for Ron, because he eats that much is just so off-putting.

I really hope you would finish this though (probably a loat hope). One of the good fanfics out there!
4/9 c65 Phoenix7777
Please finish this story. It’s one of the best fanfics that I’ve read. Please update!
4/9 c65 mexikanlubriks
I know that is a longshot but please, please finish this fic
1/30 c65 InfamousSuperboi
Please please please come back and finish this magnificent piece of work
1/3 c1 Guest
Love it
7/8/2019 c65 Countrygirl2010
Please complete this story! Its great!
2/19/2019 c65 Just William
Well written story with the odd missing word and typo's. Shame this story will never be finished.
2/13/2019 c3 Guest
I like the original bat bogey hex better
11/22/2018 c65 Hazel Auburn
I’ve read this story and its prequel many times. Both are excellent. I wish you’d resume this story again. It’s a shame to leave it where it is with the end of Voldemort looming in the distance ;)
9/17/2018 c1 Cfreund
Do you ever have plans to finish this story?
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